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04 February 2021

As COVID-19-related changes ripple through the Telecommunications industry, challenges and opportunities abound for companies. Initial positives include increased demand for services due to the likes of work-from-home and customers spending more time online. However, there are also areas where...

29 January 2021

The developed world are analysing how the OECD proposals will affect their tax bills or collections, but are the OECD blueprints fit-for-purpose in the African context? 

25 January 2021

BDO Corporate Tax News summarises tax developments of international interest and provides insights from our experts across the word.  

21 January 2021

UNITED KINGDOM: BREXIT – Social security rules from 2021  / ARGENTINA: A one-off solidarity, extraordinary contribution levied on the assets of individuals  / ARMENIA: Changes in income tax and social payment rates as from 1 January 2021

28 December 2020

A Global Valure Chain ("GVC") analysis can help you gain a clearer picture of the role and significance of each of those value drivers and ensure the group’s tax strategy is aligned with the value creation story.Download the brouchure or visit the global service page for GVC to learn more on our...

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