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11 October 2021

The Manufacturing Industry is overgoing a technological transformation that is changing the future of the industry. The Industry is still in its early steps of adopting digital data, digital connectivity and digital processing. Digital transformation has brought significant changes to all key...

11 October 2021

Cloud computing is a major contributor to digital transformation. The COVID 19 pandemic and resulting economic downturn have further accelerated the shift to cloud computing in many organisations while modern services continuously require acquisition and analysis of huge volumes of data and its...

11 October 2021

2021 has been a particularly interesting year as it comes off the heels of the partially recovered COVID 19 world, and with it, partial social distancing measures. Still, the world is more connected than ever as workforce remains remote to some degree, and unfortunately, that means cybersecurity...

13 July 2021

Organisations grapple with a rapidly evolving set of risks facing their companies.  Third party attestation has become an increasingly important tool for creating trust and efficiency across supply chains and vendor relationships.  

09 July 2021

From blame culture and obstacles through responsive decision-making to the adoption of technology and its associated risks, the report looks at all aspects of risk management and mitigation.

30 June 2021

Welcome to the third edition of our International Hubs e-book. Our latest insights provides insights into some of the world's fastest growing tech hubs. Featuring knowledge from BDO's expert partners from around the globe. We analyse each location to assess the benefits and advantages available...

15 June 2021

The popularity of real estate as a long-term investment asset is long established but continues to increase as families both look for investment opportunities beyond their home country and seek to buy property in holiday locations.

04 February 2021

As COVID-19-related changes ripple through the Telecommunications industry, challenges and opportunities abound for companies. Initial positives include increased demand for services due to the likes of work-from-home and customers spending more time online. However, there are also areas where...

29 October 2020

Global Media M&A values were just over USD $40 billion in the first half of 2020, according to the latest edition of MEDIAtalk. In a year that has posed immense difficulties for M&A there have also been surprising opportunities in Media M&A.The pandemic had a predictably negative impact on media...

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