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06 February 2017

Welcome to the first BDO HORIZONS of 2017, in which our M&A professionals review the past year and analyse what lies ahead. At our annual BDO Corporate Finance conference in Copenhagen last November, we were able to discuss face-to-face the most significant M&A developments of 2016 across where...

28 October 2016

BDO is thrilled to present the fourth edition of BDO Horizons in 2016. As we gather in Copenhagen for the annual BDO Corporate Finance conference in November, we ask our hosts to explain what makes this small part of the world so big in business. The result is our featured article: Scandinavia.

15 August 2016

BDO is delighted to present our third quarterly report for 2016, examining mid-market M&A activity across 17 major regions and selected sectors around the world. Our team in Brazil has prepared a special feature for this edition of Horizons. As proud hosts of the Olympic Games in Rio 2016, they...

03 June 2016

The time has come again to look at what is on the horizon, and BDO HORIZONS – the quarterly report from BDO on mid-market M&A activity around the world – is here to help. 

20 February 2016

After another fast-paced year of M&A, BDO HORIZONS celebrates its second anniversary. Many thanks to our readers from all over the world for their positive response. As we move into 2016, it's the perfect time to look back in detail. 

16 December 2015

Welcome to the latest issue of BDO HORIZONS, in which our M&A professionals offer their latest views on current and future developments in the global M&A market.As we move into the final quarter of 2015, it's the perfect time to look ahead by first looking back. Will 2015 M&A activities surpass...

23 September 2015

Welcome to the latest issue of BDO HORIZONS, which tracks developments in the past quarter and forecasts what lies ahead.As expected, mid-market M&A activity in Q2 could not match the levels seen in 2014, but compared to Q1 2015 deal activity was marginally higher. In this issue of BDO HORIZONS...

01 July 2015

As globalisation continues, more and more mid-sized companies are considering international growth as a part of their strategy. This trend is supported by good access to finance in most regions and the attraction of the Asian market for companies looking to expand across borders. All in all, the...

01 April 2014

The latest global league tables from thomson reuters place BDO as a top-five M&A adviser for the first time. The data, which tracks deals worth up to USD 500M, attributes 214 deals to BDO during 2013.

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