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Articles: Five Trends Defining Post-COVID Real Estate Investment

23 July 2021

The appetite for real estate investment remains strong. Several significant trends contribute to investment priorities and strategies for, amongst others, private equity firms.

20 July 2021

The BDO Global Employer Services News provides a brief overview of issues affecting international assignees, predominantly, but not exclusively, from a tax and social security perspective.

16 July 2021

As business seeks to respond to the supply chain shocks related to COVID-19 and other disruptions, they may miss some of the additional tax, real estate and business process issues that may arise as they adapt their supply chains to the changing times.


Articles: Is your TMT business well positioned in a post pandemic world?

13 July 2021

Companies around the world are undergoing a new phase of business transformation to adapt and succeed in the post pandemic reality These transformations are bold seismic shifts that organisations make to accelerate change and growth beyond typical incremental advancements. Their scope is broad...

13 July 2021

Organisations grapple with a rapidly evolving set of risks facing their companies.  Third party attestation has become an increasingly important tool for creating trust and efficiency across supply chains and vendor relationships.  

09 July 2021

From blame culture and obstacles through responsive decision-making to the adoption of technology and its associated risks, the report looks at all aspects of risk management and mitigation.

02 July 2021

With the New Financial Year upon us and a number of recent Federal Budget measures being handed down, there are a combination of smaller, new, extended and expanded initiatives aimed at providing more favourable conditions for entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses - particularly for fintechs...

30 June 2021

Welcome to the third edition of our International Hubs e-book. Our latest insights provides insights into some of the world's fastest growing tech hubs. Featuring knowledge from BDO's expert partners from around the globe. We analyse each location to assess the benefits and advantages available...

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