Grant cycle services

Grant cycle services

Grants and incentives offer opportunities for state and private intervention to support priorities across a broad range of areas, whether as an urgent response to humanitarian crises or the COVID-19 pandemic, incentives to  encourage investment into research and innovation, or credits to support job creation, enterprise areas and employment expansion.  Governments across the world have adopted strong political measures to build a greener, more digital and more resilient future. The transition to a low-carbon economy, and more generally the aim to achieve a more sustainable, safer and fairer society is a historic development that has resulted in a unprecedented need for financial intervention by both public and private donors.

Financial support - public or private - needs to strike a fine balance: building a smarter and more sustainable society while mitigating the possible negative impact on businesses and people. Measures will need to take into consideration sound business and economic principles which are essential, while also taking into account other indicators such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

With revenues of over USD 14 billion in 2023 and over 115 000 professionals, BDO is one of the largest advisory and audit service organisations in the world. Our experts support global donors, international public sector organisations, national and local administrations as well as the private sector in managing financial support.

Grant administrators and donors often face a number of questions when determining where and how to deploy available funding. Today more than ever, making the right decisions and implementing them with vision and professionalism is key.

For organisations and individuals attracted to grants and incentives, applications, eligibility criteria and demonstrating compliance can be a complex maze to navigate. 

To visualise the grant cycle, BDO has designed a simple graphic that shows the main stages, both from the donors or administrators, and from the beneficiaries’ perspectives.  For each stage, the actions and requirements that should be considered by the donor or the beneficiary is presented.

Further information for donors and grant administrators, and how BDO can support, can be accessed via the ‘I’m interested in Administrator support’ link below.  If your organisation is a grant beneficiary, or you are interested in receiving grants and incentives, please click on the ‘I’m interested in Beneficiary support’ link for services that BDO can provide to you.

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