Clients and areas of expertise

Clients and areas of expertise

BDO has sub-groups of experts dedicated to different types of clients:

  • Public administrations and governments: Central, local (municipalities and counties)
  • Public organisations and agencies (e.g. universities, education, public utilities, armed forces, public infrastructure)
  • Healthcare services and administration
  • Non-for-profit organisations offering public financed services
  • Public investments, public owned or financed companies offering public infrastructure or services
  • International organisations and donors e.g. EU organisations, development aid, international grants

BDO’s advisory, audit, accounting and tax services provide specialised services to the public sector within the fields of:

  • Fact-reports & analysis, e.g. base-line analysis, public spending analysis, socio-economic analysis, as support to administrative or political discussions and decisions
  • Process and change management services, i.e. process improvements and project management related e.g. public administration, financial and strategic management, internal control, risk and compliance, ICT, public service delivery processes, corporatisation and corporate restructuring
  • Operational services to enhance governance and control, including internal audit, operational audit, project assurance, supervisory services, contract audit, notification services, fraud investigations, accounting and related services
  • Advanced financial advisory services, including strategy development and advanced financial analysis such as investment analysis, valuations, transaction support services and due diligence
  • Assurance, Accounting and Tax Advisory Services

BDO does not offer predefined ”products” but combines skills from varying solutions, as appropriate to the needs of the individual customer. One solution may be ideal for one customer, whilst a different solution suits the other, despite the issue being the same. This approach to customer needs is our most important company value – Customer First. This, together with thoroughness and integrity, means that our customers should perceive us as a different type of consultant, and one that contributes to our customer’s success. 


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Vincent Bernard

Director, EU Key Account Procurement, BD Lead Global Public Sector, Healthcare & Nonprofit, BDO Global