• Telecommunications


Prior to Covid-19, Telecom companies  around the world were already transcending a period of profound change. Cybersecurity risks, Internet of Things, data protection, access to funding, and diversifying their service offerings were just some of the areas creating new challenges and opportunities. 

Now, changes have accelerated and the speed required to respond to these changes has increased. Reacting to immediate challenges, increasing the resilience of business operations and finding ways to realise the opportunities created by industry consolidation, new customer preferences and geopolitical changes, as well as a need to venture into new industry verticals, are some of the tasks at hand. 

At BDO, we work with a broad range of telecom companies, including some of the industry’s largest players. We understand the challenges and complexities affecting heavily regulated companies in times of significant change. 

Our global BDO team, comprised of representatives in more than 160 territories, assists telecom companies with a broad range of services, including business optimisation, mergers and acquisitions, collaboration arrangements, integrating new services and technologies and much more. 

Read more about our services and how we can assist your company under the individual react, resilience and realise headers.