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Technology companies were driving innovation and change long before Covid-19.

With a rapid rate of transformation as their ever-present companion, technology company executives are juggling more information and options than ever before when formulating and executing on business strategies. In a sector defined by quick change and fast growth, the ability to make timely, informed decisions is often a foundation for success.

Every technology company’s starting point and trajectory are different. However, all of them need information, insight, and diverse perspectives in order to react to the challenges they face today and to increase resilience in their business operations and growth strategies. Furthermore, technology companies must identify ways to realise their full potential in a world in flux where accelerating digital transformation, industry consolidation, and new customer preferences all create both challenges and new opportunities for growth.

At BDO we have a deep understanding of the constantly evolving business environment that technology companies operate in. We understand the challenges and complexities that affect your business thereby allowing us to help your company reach its full potential. Our global BDO team with representatives in more than 160 territories assists technology companies from start-ups to some of the world’s biggest multinationals with a broad range of services.