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React - Telecommunications


COVID-19 has led  to unprecedented change and uncertainty worldwide. Telecom companies’ services and solutions have become the backbone for many of these changes, such as increased telework, telemedicine, online learning, and entertainment streaming, to mention a few.

As telecom companies ensure the safety of employees and customers, respond to network traffic growth, and implement internal cost optimisation processes, new questions arise, such as: what changes will be temporary, and which ones will be longer lasting? How do we, as a company, best react to the changes we are experiencing? What are the optimal steps to mitigate current risks and best prepare ourselves to capitalize on future opportunities?

Business recovery and continuity planning, and adjustments to current financial models, are some of the steps most telecom companies need to consider to start to properly address such questions. Companies should also consider potential transactions which may further solidify digital transformation and expansion into strategic business verticals.

Telecom companies are facing increased demand for their services and tremendous opportunities. To seize them, they must adapt to a new reality and in some cases fundamentally change or reinvent their approach and service offering.