• Real estate services

We’ve got it covered

Competition within our industry remains fierce as commission discounting continues to impact the profitability of real estate transactions. In addition to slowing global economic conditions, industry players are also exposed to regulatory uncertainty amid ongoing scrutiny of both the residential and commercial markets.

Besides our specialist audit, tax and advisory knowledge, BDO is pleased to be able to service clients across the whole lifecycle of their transaction, from contracts to completion and beyond. Our specialist real estate services include:

• Valuations
• Legal
• Real estate brokers and agents
• Commercial mortgaging
• Loan due diligence

Sitting alongside these specialist offerings is BDO’s Global Outsourcing team. This team can help you outsource certain aspects of your business or transaction to ease the pressure on you. BDO’s global real estate team will connect you to the right professional who will take the time to get the job done for you, effectively and efficiently. Interested in our outsourcing services? Contact Duncan Ashman from the right hand menu.