As a result of the pandemic, BDO have adopted a three-stage model to help our clients manage business priorities, address issues and leverage thinking: React, Resilience, Realise.  These stages can be considered separately, or as a part of a roadmap to help companies manage throughout the COVID-19 impact. The model provides a practical approach to helping companies assess what issues they are likely to face throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery. In time we will be providing Mining, O&G and Renewables applications to our RETHINK model to address the likely business challenges ahead. 

A message from Sherif Andrawes, Head, Global Natural Resources, BDO

Some insights from our Global Natural Resources team

RETHINK & how it applies to MINING | OIL & GAS | RENEWABLES

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Allan Feinberg, MD, Remuneration & Reward & REMSMART, BDO Australia