• Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

We are living through a revolution in the way we generate, store and monitor our consumption of energy. The market pressures on energy and other resources have combined with increased regulation to create a paradigm shift towards lower carbon generation and demand for more resource efficient goods and services. Governments and businesses are increasingly thinking about how they ensure the security of an affordable and sustainable supply of energy whilst also reducing emissions from traditional fossil fuel sources. This new global focus has created a huge array of opportunities for developers, technology suppliers and investors.

At BDO we understand that operating in a resource constrained world requires new ways of thinking about energy generation, new ways of working and new approaches to resource consumption. We are at the forefront of the renewable energy industry and a leading advisor on corporate sustainability and the commercialisation of clean technology. We specialise in project funding, financial modelling, due diligence, valuation, tax and strategic advisory work.

Our client base includes large corporate organisations, Governments, energy producers and technology suppliers. We work on projects throughout Western Europe, the Middle East, the US and Africa, which demonstrates our expertise across the widest range of technology classes, including onshore and offshore wind, solar, waste to energy, anaerobic digestion, biomass, emerging clean technology and energy efficiency. We understand the challenges of working in this dynamic environment and how we can help our clients react to the challenges and opportunities it presents. Our team combines the established skills of our firm with the experience and expertise of our industry specialists in order to offer maximum value and insight to our clients.

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