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BDO Fintech videos

Fintech under the lens: episode 1, Germany

In BDO’s  “Fintech under the lens” series of short videos, our Fintech experts take a look at trends and developments in their countries. Dr Karsten Paetzmann, Global Head of Financial Services, Corporate Finance explores key trends in Fintech M&A.

Fintech under the lens: episode 2, South Africa

From “banking the unbanked” to solutions for large corporates – South Africa, a hub for innovative developments. Nevellan Moodley, Partner Financial Services Technology, discusses the many opportunities for fintechs in South Africa.

Fintech under the lens: episode 3, United Kingdom

Digital Banking in the UK – Opportunities, challenges and tax implications. Matt Hopkins, Fintech and Global Banking Lead and David Britton, Partner Fintech Tax are sharing their expert knowledge on crucial success factors for Fintechs.

Fintech under the lens: episode 4, Argentina

Nicolás Franco, Partner Financial Services and Head of Fintech Americas, explains that Fintech is growing fast in Argentina complementing the offering of the traditional banks and enjoying the support of the Regulators. 2020 is likely to be the year of Insurtech. (English / Spanish)

Fintech under the lens: episode 5, Chile

Mauricio Benítez discusses the importance of fintegration in Chile as well as the support Fintech is getting from Congress and the regulators to build a fully compliant fintech industry