• Post pandemic trends in private equity real estate

Post pandemic trends in private equity real estate

Date: 08 June 2021
Time: 8:30am PST/ 4:30pm BST/5:30pm Netherlands


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The past two years have been marked with PropTech momentum and shifts in the global real estate ecosystem. As the pandemic stretches on and live/work/play demands have created a new frontier of smart buildings and cities - what is next? What sectors of real estate will come out of this period of disruption a clear winner and where is the appetite for private equity real estate investment?

Join BDO as we enjoy a rounded perspective of the global economy with Dr. Mark Dotzour, discuss the pulse of PropTech and commercial real estate and Private Equity investment with Mollie Fadule, Salla Echardt and Jan Boers.

We invite you to join us as we discuss the Private Equity firms’ priorities in the Real Estate Market in a post pandemic world.

Scott Hendon – Facilitator
Scott is BDO’s Global Head of the Private Equity team

Dr. Mark Dotzour
Dr. Mark G. Dotzour is a real estate economist who served for 18 years as Chief Economist of the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University in College Station. Mark makes complex economic issues easily understandable by providing his audience with a “tool kit” of useful information that will help them make good business decisions for their families, their clients and their company.

Mollie Fadule
Molly is a senior leader in the commercial real estate industry with significant experience in real estate private equity and finance. Mollie is a strategic leader with experience in working with institutional investors. She has invested in multiple property types and companies representing over $4 billion. Mollie has also invested in and advised companies bringing new technologies to the real estate industry.

Salla Eckhardt  

Salla is an an innovation leader and an industry change agent specialized in digital transformation of the digital building lifecycle.

Jan Boers
Jan is partner with independent real estate advisor Van Gool Elburg, a renowned name in the Dutch real estate sector and serving many high end property investors.