Fintech Fridays – Blockchain & Crypto

Fintech Fridays – Blockchain & Crypto

18 September 20209:00am - 10:00am (AEST)

Over the last few years, we’ve seen the Australian Fintech ecosystem mature. Fintechs have surged on a wave of financial growth, market opportunities and a thriving investment environment - while being boosted by new regulatory conditions to support entrepreneurship and the rise of non-traditional finance. However, with over three quarters of Australian fintechs not yet making a profit, the COVID-19 crisis has threatened a flourishing sector, with many companies grappling with survival. This has been compounded by the subsequent market downturn, impacting the short-term viability of fintechs’ revenue and customer growth.

BDO is pleased to be launching the Fintech Fridays webinar series. Each session takes a deep dive into the diverse subsectors of the fintech space, including blockchain/crypto, lending, insurance, regtech, personal finance, capital markets, wealth management, payments/billing, mortgage real estate, and money transfer/remittances.

In our second Fintech Fridays webinar, Tim Aman, BDO Global Fintech Leader, Geoff Rooney, BDO Financial Services Partner and Ryan Kris, BDO Financial Services Associate Director, will host Blockchain Australia CEO Steve Vallas to discuss the fintech landscape in Australia, including:

  • The Australian crypto and blockchain ecosystem
  • Blockchain in banking and finance
  • The rise of cryptoassets and open finance
  • National Blockchain Roadmap – government challenges & opportunities
  • Blockchain Australia and industry growth


  • Tim Aman - Global Fintech Leader & National Financial Services Leader, BDO
  • Geoff Rooney – Audit & Assurance Partner, BDO
  • Ryan Kris – Technology Advisory Associate Director, BDO
  • Steve Vallas – Chief Executive Officer, Blockchain Australia

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