• Transfer Pricing in North, Central and South America

    BDO regional webinar


BDO Webinar I Transfer Pricing in America

Date: 6 December 2021
Time: 10-11 AM EST


  • Summary
  • Panelists

We invite you to our next webinar when we are going to take over the special considerations and challenges regarding the implementation of transfer pricing strategies in the region, and commentary on the potential impact of the OECD Pillar I and Pillar II developments.

This webinar will be held in Spanish language and it is complimentary

  •   Yesseli Gallardo (Canada)
  •   Diana Organista (USA)
  •   Ángel Romero (Mexico)
  •   Lucas Rodriguez (Panama)
  •   Luis Miguel Jimenez Cifuentes (Colombia)
  •   Pablo Llamoca (Peru)
  •   Ariel Efraim (Argentina)