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18 June 2020

IBORs (Interbank Offered Rates) are being replaced and the clock is ticking until their end date in 2021 is reached. More than 40 years of a benchmark era will then be over and authorities are urging banks to speed up and strengthen their efforts. 2020 is the critical year for transition with...

07 May 2020

Your Internationally Mobile Employees tell a story about how your business operates and where and how it creates value and profit. Whether they are providing training, managing projects, chasing deals and signing contracts, growing new ventures or simply developing their own careers, they are a...

05 May 2020

Are You Prepared For The Impact of COVID-19 On Your Transfer Pricing Arrangements?The unprecedented COVID-19 crisis has caused otherwise healthy organisations to experience declines in revenue with little or no reduction in costs.As the economic impact and continuing uncertainty of COVID-19...

15:00 - 16:00 GMT / 16:00 - 17:00 BST / 11:00 - 12:00 EDT

Recent changes in US tax laws have had a major impact on the treatment of employee relocation expenses. Companies are struggling to ensure the changes don't become a barrier to employee mobility. The changes will impact employees that are transferred, or work, between the US and another country...

30 November 2017

Our next international tax webinar will take a look at the latest proposals for US tax reform. With a groundswell of opinion in favor of tax reform it now seems US tax reform could be passed in the near term.  Our webinar will look at the details of the latest proposals with experts from BDO US...

07 November 2017

In the final webinar of the 2017 series, we will describe how globally mobile employees can impact your company's permanent establishment in other countries under the new Base Erosion and Profit Shifting rules.We will explain the different tests under Action Plan 7 such as Dependent Agent Test...

10 October 2017

For the majority of multinational businesses transfer pricing represents the largest single tax risk. In recent years there has been a raft of changes which will affect how multinationals price internal transactions and also how they need to document their arrangements. Many of the changes set...

26 September 2017

In the second webinar of the 2017 series we will discuss the implications of sending employees abroad for repeated or lengthy short term business trips. We will make you aware of the various processes and procedures necessary for companies and employees to become tax compliant in host countries...

11 July 2017

On 7 June the first raft of countries have signed up to the new multilateral instrument (MLI) as part of the BEPs initiative.​This represents a fundamental change to the way tax treaties around the world will operate and will have a major impact on the structure of taxation of multinational...

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