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16 November 2021

Join us for our latest webinar in our World of Private Clients series. People relocate for many different reasons – climate, education, life style and business opportunities – and different locations appeal to different people. Following 2020, a year when relocation was not an option for most of...

11 November 2021

We are excited to be joined by Alex Scott of Schroders Global Family Office Services who will share his insights and vast expertise from the Family Office world. Our international colleagues will also be taking a deeper dive into some of the key things families need to make succession work...

12 October 2021

Join us for the first webinar as part of the World of Private Clients series. Aligning to our first pillar, we will focus on the latest trends and risks around transparency and worldwide reporting. We will look at current OECD activity, including Common Reporting Standard data put into practice...

Displaying 1 - 3 of 3