Valuations Blog

By Craig Davies | 14 January 2020

Uncertainty in retail property values in the UK

Uncertainty in retail real estate markets is causing concern and increasing levels of debate. Here in the UK, the methodology and therefore the accuracy of real estate valuations is being challenged.

By Brendan Rooney | 04 February 2019

Price or Value? Bases of Valuation

In this blog we consider the practical and theoretical challenges arising from the distinction between price and value in the context of commonly applied bases of valuation.

By Ernie de Lachica | 07 December 2018

The impending replacement of LIBOR - what should we expect?

Our Valuations team examine the impact of the transition from USD LIBOR to SOFR.

By Josh Lowenstein | 31 October 2018

Unicorns - To IPO or to Not IPO?

What should a young company consider when choosing how to finance operations, and the valuation considerations that come along with these?

By Faisal Anwar | 03 September 2018

What’s in a Shape?

Faisal Anwar looks into the difficulties of valuing intangible assets.

By Alexandre Streel and Virginie Meunier | 01 August 2018

Ten mistakes to avoid when valuing a company

We run through the ten most common mistakes to avoid when valuing a company.

By Paul Gill and Michael Taylor | 02 July 2018

Automotive Dealership Valuation – Market Trends, Multiples, Blue Sky, and Real Estate

Our team from BDO Canada analyse trends in the valuation of automotive dealerships.