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By Vinesh Bharadwa | 18 January 2022

The evolution of Ed-tech: trends to watch in 2022

Vinesh Bharadwa, Partner at BDO, discusses how the evolution of Ed-tech has transformed the education sector forever.

By Paul Russell | 17 January 2022

What are the biggest changes to technology M&A and M&A processes in the UK due to COVID-19?

The move to exclusively digital deal-making was one of the biggest changes we saw in the UK during lockdowns. However, things are rapidly returning to pre-COVID levels of in-person meetings, particularly for key negotiations.

By Kristjan Puu | 10 January 2022

Why Estonia’s technology companies are worth twice its national budget

Companies and investors are drawn to Estonia’s rich technology ecosystem. The Baltic state’s success is founded on long-term, ambitious strategies, and M&A activity is increasing. However, investment success depends on understanding the opportunities and challenges found...

By Tony Spillett | 16 December 2021

Recruiting to fill the skills gap: Why you need to improve your tech recruitment strategy

Faced with a global skills gap, how do companies secure the tech talent they need to thrive now and in the future? BDO’s National Head of Technology and Media, Tony Spillett, offers his advice.

By Sebastian Stevens | 29 November 2021

What are the most significant changes to M&A and M&A processes due to COVID-19?

The move to all-digital deal negotiations and M&A processes stands out.

By Leadership Team TMT LATAM | 22 November 2021

Five reasons Latin American TMT companies are seeing increased investor interest

Latin American technology, media, and telecom (TMT) companies are increasingly popular M&A targets for external investors. Growing markets, talent availability and springboard opportunities are among the trends spurring interest.

By Peter Smithson | 15 November 2021

What are the carbon emissions of your content?

Media and entertainment companies are focused on becoming more sustainable. But what does that mean?

By Patrick Bisceglia | 05 November 2021

As interest in industry 4.0 M&A grows, data remains a sticking point

Digitisation and integration of Industry 4.0 technologies are top priorities throughout manufacturing. Industrial technology companies are experiencing market growth, rising consolidation opportunities, and increased investor interest.

By Peter Smithson | 20 October 2021

What will live entertainment look like in five years?

Will the future of live entertainment include AR? VR? The Metaverse? Or will we see a full resurgence of enjoying events in person? As lockdowns come to an end, live events are returning. However, things have changed during the pandemic.

By Russell Diller | 16 September 2021

How technology companies can prepare for SPAC investment

SPACs, one of 2021’s favoured investment vehicles for technology companies, can have substantial benefits for both companies and investors if preparations are approached correctly.