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By Jakob Sand and Andrew Viner | 26 February 2018

What Chinese Companies See When Buying Up European Media

One of the more surprising statistics that I read recently was that the total M&A spend of Chinese companies surpassed their US counterparts for the first time in 2016, reaching a combined $219.3 billion - a staggering amount. A good chunk of that was spent on European targets...

By Jakob Sand | 11 February 2018

Why The Future Of Manufacturing Could Be Green Goo And Microscopic Bots

Technologies like 3D printing and augmented reality are creating a wave of disruption in the manufacturing industry. Further into the future, bio-manufacturing and nanotechnology await, ready to change manufacturing from the ground up.

By Jakob Sand | 05 February 2018

How Tax Can Make Manufacturing Technologies More Affordable

Companies will spend approximately $6 trillion on Internet of Things (IoT) solutions over the next five years. However, lack of knowledge about tax rules and grants that might make investments cheaper and more profitable could hamper the ROI of these investments. The same...

By Jakob Sand and David Yasukochi | 31 January 2018

How The U.S. Tax Reform Will Impact Technology M&A

Technology companies are likely still trying to work out if the long-awaited U.S. tax reform was an early Christmas present or a stocking full of coal. The answer is more of the former than the latter. The same seems to be the case for technology-related M&A. One early...

By Jakob Sand | 29 January 2018

Rise of the Co-bots – the next generation of robots revolutionising manufacturing

Industrial robots are traditionally big and burly - and about as safe to be around as a switchblade knife with a razor blade handle. That is why they are placed in protective cages. Collaborative robots are the opposite. Extensive sensors and limitations on movement speed and...

By Jakob Sand and Rick Schreiber | 22 January 2018

3D Printing Is Going Metal, Bringing Big Opportunities To Manufacturers

 3D printing is set to have seismic implications on manufacturing companies, especially in relation to cross-border trade. Also known as additive manufacturing, 3D printing can lessen labour needs, reducing the need to source parts and goods across borders. If today’s pace of...

By Jakob Sand | 15 January 2018

Is Manufacturing Next In Line For Technology M&A Disruption?

Chinese companies have been busy investing overseas in recent years, spending a record $207 billion on overseas acquisitions in 2016. While 2017 will not reach that high watermark, it will likely still top $150 billion. Many of these deals were – and will be - in the...

By Jakob Sand | 02 January 2018

Five Ways Augmented Reality Is Changing Manufacturing

Augmented Reality (AR) is like a quiet little brother that is about to steal the limelight from its louder, virtual big brother. At least as far as manufacturing is concerned.

By Jakob Sand | 28 November 2017

Why ’Asymmetry’ Is Central To Understand Renewable Energy M&A

Renewable power needs a fridge. That may sound a bit funny, but the reason is that it currently shares similarities with the pre-refrigeration food industry. Namely the issue of storage.

By Jakob Sand | 08 November 2017

Why Largescale Renewable M&A is Dominated by Wind Power

While solar dominates renewable M&A in terms of numbers, wind rules when it comes to largescale deals. That is one of the trends found when looking at data on renewable energy deals in the BDO M&A database.