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By Jakob Sand | 22 June 2018

BDO Analysis: What Is Going On With Robot M&A?

The speed of M&A in the robotics space is increasing, as an ever-growing list of industries implement more and more robots. That is the one-sentence summation of a BDO analysis of robotics M&A data for the last five years. The study reveals a lot more, though.

By Jakob Sand | 22 May 2018

Will Blockchain let you share in the riches of the next LeBron, Woods or Ronaldo?

Imagine that you could have invested in the future earnings of a LeBron James, a Tiger Woods or Cristiano Ronaldo when they were young. This is, essentially, what several start-ups are trying to achieve through blockchain technology.They are offering you the opportunity to...

By Jakob Sand and Andrew Viner | 08 May 2018

Blockchain: Putting Creators Behind The Wheel Of The Creative Industries

If you want to make $100 from people listening to your music, you had better have a lot of friends/fans.Figures from Audiam show that to break three figures on Spotify, you need 150,000 plays by premium subscribers. The road to $100 through the free, ad-supported version of...

By Eitan Yam | 25 April 2018

Centralizing the Decentralized Blockchain Concept

Blockchain technology involves the use of distributed ledgers and smart contracts. The technology has been making headlines for the past year. While partly due to the interest in Bitcoin, the pioneering digital currency, Blockchain’s many use cases creates its own excitement...

By Jakob Sand | 18 April 2018

Three Ways Blockchain Can Remedy Energy’s Emerging Broken Links

As I have previously written about, renewable energy is seeing a boom in technology-related M&A.Part of the reason is that renewable energy creates new challenges for utilities and energy companies. Blockchain technology could potentially remedy these challenges and in the...

By Jakob Sand | 11 April 2018

To ICO Or Not To ICO – That Is The (Tax) Question

Will blockchain and initial coin offerings – or ICOs for short – be so compelling a funding tool that venture capitalists need to start looking for something else to do?On the surface, it sounds like a ridiculous question. The messaging app provider Telegram would likely...

By Jakob Sand | 04 April 2018

BDO and Blockchain – How Blockchain Fits In The Future Of Our Services

BDO is working proactively with blockchain. We are looking at ways of developing new solutions and services, as well as augmenting existing ones, via blockchain and smart contracts. The goal is to add value to our clients’ business processes, drive innovation, boost efficiency...

By Jakob Sand | 08 March 2018

BDO Analysis: Will Amazon’s Alexa Be The One To Control Your Home?

Amazon just put down $1 billion and acquired smart doorbell-maker Ring. That may sound like a lot of money, but should be seen as an investment in developing the online shopping giant’s smart home technology portfolio.  

By Jakob Sand and Andrew Viner | 26 February 2018

What Chinese Companies See When Buying Up European Media

One of the more surprising statistics that I read recently was that the total M&A spend of Chinese companies surpassed their US counterparts for the first time in 2016, reaching a combined $219.3 billion - a staggering amount. A good chunk of that was spent on European targets...

By Jakob Sand | 11 February 2018

Why The Future Of Manufacturing Could Be Green Goo And Microscopic Bots

Technologies like 3D printing and augmented reality are creating a wave of disruption in the manufacturing industry. Further into the future, bio-manufacturing and nanotechnology await, ready to change manufacturing from the ground up.