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By Peter Smithson | 20 October 2021

What will live entertainment look like in five years?

Will the future of live entertainment include AR? VR? The Metaverse? Or will we see a full resurgence of enjoying events in person?

As lockdowns come to an end, live events are returning. However, things have changed during the pandemic.

By Russell Diller | 16 September 2021

How technology companies can prepare for SPAC investment

SPACs, one of 2021’s favoured investment vehicles for technology companies, can have substantial benefits for both companies and investors if preparations are approached correctly.

By Bart Paalman and William de Lange | 01 September 2021

The trends leading to healthcare technology M&A growth

Investments and M&A involving healthcare technology targets remains high. New opportunities for innovation and growth continuously appear, including within healthcare communication and collaboration.

By Conor Lambert | 21 July 2021

The conundrum of Media valuations in the storm

The last 18 months have increased valuation complexity in the media sector.  Understanding a company’s role in the ever more digitised market and how well positioned it is to take advantage of the recent changes can help both shareholders and investors gain a deeper...

By Christian Goetz and Tom Mannion | 07 July 2021

Telemedicine and Telecoms – A new treasure trove or Pandora’s box of data

Telemedicine presents new business opportunities to telecoms. However, the space can also lead to increased risk exposure. One area where telecoms must be particularly observant is handling and processing patient data.

By Derek Neil and George Byron | 24 June 2021

What PE's increasing appetite means for media companies

Private equity plays an increasingly pivotal role in mid-market media M&A. New business models and changing markets have increased interest in new deals at a time when the potential investment and growth capital avenues for media companies are expanding.As highlighted in the...

By Bart Paalman and Patrick Bisceglia | 14 June 2021

New technology developments stimulate e-commerce investment and growth

Technology is driving funding and deal activity in the e-commerce space. As commerce continues to move online, new solutions and M&A strategies are coming to the fore. Headless e-commerce and marketplace aggregation are two of the prime examples.

By Christian Goetz and Tom Mannion | 21 May 2021

How a battle over chips changes the risk landscape for Telecoms

The link to telecoms and their current situation may not immediately be clear. After all, what is the similarity between Audi and AT&T, or Tesla and Deutsche Telekom? The answer is chips.

By Christian Goetz | 23 April 2021

Starlink– How Musk’s satellites may force Telecoms into 5G-overdrive

For a clear sign of how disruptive technology and unforeseen risks often appear from unexpected places, telecoms companies need only look up.

By Bart Paalman and William de Lange | 30 March 2021

How COVID is Changing the SaaS/Vertical Software Landscape for M&A

Deal multiples and valuations in the tech field have entered 2021 at - or near - record heights. Software-as-a-Service – particularly in the vertical software space – is no exception. The question is what is driving interest – and if valuations will remain at the current...

By Tim Aman and Scott Hendon | 01 March 2021

How Fintech companies can get the best from Private Equity Investment

For Fintech’s looking to secure external funding through Private Equity Investment in today’s COVID-19 environment, Tim Aman and Scot Hendon walk through the steps and considerations needed to harness your investment for transformative growth.