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By Jakob Sand | 03 April 2017

Here Are The Prices - What Kind Of Driverless Car Subscription Service Do You Want?

The central question about driverless cars has changed from if they are coming to when it will happen.This fact leads to a new question: what are you actually going to pay for using them?

By Jakob Sand | 21 March 2017

What Is Happening To Ad And Marketing Tech M&A In 6 Charts

Looking at advertising and marketing tech M&A data from the BDO M&A database shows that 2016 saw the industry bounce back after a slightly slow 2015. 

By Jakob Sand | 14 March 2017

Second Generation Ad-Tech Switches From ‘Shotgun Method’ to Sniper Rifle

The reason is the AI capabilities and sophistication levels of a new generation of ad tech solutions, which enable advertisers to understand consumer behaviour and target their ads much more efficiently.

By Andrew Viner | 28 February 2017

Is Everyone About To Buy UK Tech, Media and Telecoms Companies?

If I were a journalist, I’d say that UK companies in the technology, media and telecoms industries are going to be selling like hot cakes in the coming months.

By Jakob Sand | 22 February 2017

US Media M&A Will Turn Old, Big Telecom Losers Into Future Winners

In America, telecom companies are moving from yesterday’s losers to tomorrow’s winners thanks to their extremely deep pockets and willingness to buy up companies.

By Andrew Viner | 14 February 2017

BDO Report: Special Relationship At Top Of Media M&A Trends

BDO analysis of M&A data for the media industry shows how 2016 was a bumper year for cross-Atlantic deals involving companies in USA and the United Kingdom.The trend is one of several identified in the latest Media Talk report from BDO UK. The report offers an in-depth study...

By Jakob Sand | 01 February 2017

Virtual Reality Is Your Computer – Augmented Reality Is Your Mobile Phone

Two new realities are making headway into the one we have been used to for so long. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) both hold great promise, with market revenue projected to grow rapidly.

By Jakob Sand | 30 January 2017

M&A: Technology’s Bull Run Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down

Data from BDO’s M&A database shows that 2016 was another standout year for the technology sphere, with final figures coming close to 2015’s high watermarks for both number of deals and combined deal value.  

By Jakob Sand | 25 January 2017

While 2017 Belongs to Virtual Reality, the Future Belongs to Augmented Reality

Part of the reason is that AR looks set to overtake VR in terms of market size, and in the medium to long term, it has a much broader potential impact on our lives than VR does.

By Jakob Sand | 16 January 2017

Have You Spoken To Your Computer Lately? You Will Soon!

It Is Time To Say Goodbye To Your Computer Keyboard And Mouse