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By Christian Goetz | 23 April 2021

Starlink– How Musk’s satellites may force Telecoms into 5G-overdrive

For a clear sign of how disruptive technology and unforeseen risks often appear from unexpected places, telecoms companies need only look up.

By Bart Paalman and William de Lange | 30 March 2021

How COVID is Changing the SaaS/Vertical Software Landscape for M&A

Deal multiples and valuations in the tech field have entered 2021 at - or near - record heights. Software-as-a-Service – particularly in the vertical software space – is no exception. The question is what is driving interest – and if valuations will remain at the current...

By Tim Aman and Scott Hendon | 01 March 2021

How Fintech companies can get the best from Private Equity Investment

For Fintech’s looking to secure external funding through Private Equity Investment in today’s COVID-19 environment, Tim Aman and Scot Hendon walk through the steps and considerations needed to harness your investment for transformative growth.

By Doug Hart | 20 January 2021

The M&A metrics software companies need to know

Software companies may be surprised by the metrics used to gauge their value and growth potential during M&A. Knowing what investors look at is core to the deal negotiation process.

By Scott Rodie | 14 December 2020

How Europe’s Tech Hubs are Pushing Esports to the Next Level

Europe’s technology hubs play a pivotal role in expanding the market for esports and associated start-ups and scaleups. However, challenges still exist, as the continent is playing catchup to developments in other markets.

By Scott Rodie and Scott Hendon | 09 December 2020

What Software Companies Need to Know About Private Equity Investment

Software company founders and management teams looking to secure capital should look closely at private equity (PE) firms. Whether it is funding for growth, exiting the company, or taking on a strategic investment partner, PEs might be your optimal option. Whether that is the...

By David Yasukochi and Dan Harris | 01 December 2020

Silicon Valley: What You Need to Know When Building a Presence in the Capital of Tech

Silicon Valley is, in many ways, the unofficial capital of technology. Many technology companies can benefit from building a presence in the Valley area – if done the right way.

By Mubin Shaikh and Khyati Shah | 17 November 2020

What Companies Can Learn from India’s IoT Leaders

The Internet of Things (IoT) is pivotal for companies’ competitiveness - and to other technologies like AI and big data analytics. Frontline executives responsible for implementing IoT can learn to separate hype from best practices through lessons from Indian IoT leaders.

By Scott Rodie | 02 November 2020

Opportunities and risks when entering Asia’s tech hubs

BDO’s International Tech Hubs publications illustrate what companies and investors stand to gain by entering some of Asia’s bustling tech hubs. However, good results depend on successfully navigating risks and grasping opportunities.

By Tony Spillett, Eric Picarle and Bart Paalman | 26 October 2020

Topics and Trends Defining the Investment Landscape for Europe’s Tech Hubs

Start-ups, scaleups and incumbents across the European tech landscape are prime investment targets. Companies’ ability to respond to the on-going COVID pandemic is one of the topics defining their place in the investment landscape.As illustrated by the first and second edition...