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By Jakob Sand | 28 November 2017

Why ’Asymmetry’ Is Central To Understand Renewable Energy M&A

Renewable power needs a fridge. That may sound a bit funny, but the reason is that it currently shares similarities with the pre-refrigeration food industry. Namely the issue of storage.

By Jakob Sand | 08 November 2017

Why Largescale Renewable M&A is Dominated by Wind Power

While solar dominates renewable M&A in terms of numbers, wind rules when it comes to largescale deals. That is one of the trends found when looking at data on renewable energy deals in the BDO M&A database.

By Jakob Sand | 01 November 2017

Five reasons why AI, big data and renewables are the perfect M&A storm

During 2017, an M&A trend has gathered momentum. It involves technologies like big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) meeting renewable energy.

By Jakob Sand | 04 October 2017

FDs have a wealth of experience which can add great value to a cybersecurity strategy.

They  approach cybersecurity from a holistic business angle, integrating risk management, ERP, compliance, reporting, valuation and business continuity.

By Jakob Sand | 02 October 2017

Bots And Virtual Assistants Could End Advertising As We Know It

Virtual assistants and chat bots come in many shapes and sizes. Most probably known Amazon’s Alexa or Facebook’s M assistant. The border between chat bots and virtual assistants is sketchy at best. In this article, I use the term virtual assistant (VA) to talk about systems...

By Tony Spillett | 10 September 2017

What does 17 Years Of Tech Track 100 Reveal About UK Tech Companies?

The 2017 Tech Track 100 of private technology companies sets several records. It also highlights how fast-growing technology companies are a driving force in the UK economy.

By Andrew Viner | 06 September 2017

How Outdoor Advertising Is Moving Into The 21st Century

It has taken Ocean Outdoor just five years to become both a leading company in – and a wizened veteran of - digital out of home advertising (OOH). A status achieved due to the industry’s fast pace and constantly evolving possibilities and opportunities.

By Andrew Viner | 04 September 2017

The future has arrived – That Billboard is Looking Back at You

New technology, capable of identifying who is looking, is bringing about a renaissance for out-of-home (OOH) advertising, as the industry shows early signs of an uptake in M&A activity.

By Tony Spillett | 24 July 2017

After Brexit: UK Tech, Telco and Media M&A Shows Immediate Resilience

BDO M&A data for the 12 months that have passed since the Brexit vote may come as surprises to some. For one, deal totals in the technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) sectors shot up in the second half of 2016. Deal totals across domestic and international mergers and...

By Christian Goetz | 19 July 2017

An Australian Look at Risks Facing Telecoms

In connection with the publication of the third annual BDO Telecoms Risk Factor report, I spoke with my colleague and telecoms expert Sebastian Stevens, Partner, Corporate Finance BDO Australia. The conversation covered general risks facing the telecoms industry today, as well...