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By Scott Hendon, Kevin Bianchi and Aftab Jamil | 13 February 2020

BDO Studies reveal where PE and tech CFOs agree, and disagree, on 2020 - and potential M&A

Two new BDO studies underline that technology company Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and private equity (PE) leaders agree that changes are afoot. However, the two groups do not always see eye to eye on what those changes will mean. Areas of disagreement, such as the impact...

By Marc Reinecke | 16 December 2019

10 Due Diligence Challenges For Battery Energy Storage You Might Not Know About

Let us start with the good news: the price of battery energy storage systems is dropping rapidly – a trend that looks set to continue for years to come. The lower prices herald sweeping changes to how and where energy is produced, enabling integration of more renewable energy...

By Alvaro Marco, Beltrán Rivera and Sergio Quero | 10 December 2019

Meet The Trends That Will Define the eSports Market Between Now and 2025

Changes are afoot in the eSports market, and many disruptive developments are set to gather pace between now and 2025. Cumulatively, the trends will define much of a booming space which holds vast opportunities for companies across the technology, media and telecommunications ...

By Alvaro Marco, Beltrán Rivera and Sergio Quero | 11 November 2019

Who’s investing in e-sports - and what are they looking to achieve?

Companies across technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) are pursuing sponsorship agreements, acquisitions, advertising deals, and team creating in eSports.

By Alvaro Marco, Sergio Quero and Beltrán Rivera | 31 October 2019

Funding v partnerships – what’s right for your e-sports business

Get access to hard-to-target audiences, establish yourself in a booming industry and gain the potential to reap monetary rewards. The upsides of competitive computer gaming, often referred to as eSports, make it sound like a bit like an advert for Klondike, anno 1896.

By Alvaro Marco, Sergio Quero and Beltrán Rivera | 18 October 2019

Setting Up an eSports Team: How to Avoid the Pitfalls and Win Big

Companies across the technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) industries are increasingly focused on the world of eSports - with good reason. eSports presents a way to interact and engage with audience and customer segments that are becoming increasingly hard to reach...

By Kevin Bianchi and Lee Duran | 04 October 2019

How Audits Can Retain Investors’ Trust In Times Defined By Disruptive Tech

Any business leader can testify to the transformational power of the likes of AI and robotic process automation systems. In this new world, driven by disruptive technologies, auditors and audits play a pivotal role in maintaining trust amongst investors. In other words, audits...

By Hari Iyer | 01 October 2019

Why Southeast Asia is Primed for an RPA Revolution

Robotic process automation (RPA) is growing at a rapid rate worldwide. The same applies to Southeast Asia, with several RPA software vendors experiencing triple-digit revenue growth rates according to a recent Gartner paper. Companies across the Southeast Asian region can...

By Scott Rodie | 26 September 2019

BDO Celebrates #AuditorProud Day By Looking Back and Dispelling Myths

The answer is simple when we are asked what the driving force for an international audit and consulting firm with offices in more than 160 territories is: People.No matter the influx and influence of new technologies that BDO has integrated in the five years since the first...

By Christian Goetz | 18 September 2019

How Safe Is Telecommunications Companies’ Trillion-Dollar 5G Investment?

Select cities across the world already boast of 5G networks with many more to join in the near future. If all goes according to plan, the new networks will provide the backbone for mobile communication throughout a large portion of the 21st century. They will also play a...