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By Jakob Sand | 04 October 2018

Seven Reasons Why Utilities Are Investing In Energy Storage Technology

Utilities’ investments in distributed energy companies is gathering pace. Not that it was trundling along by any means. In Europe and North America alone, investments between 2010 and 2016 totalled close to $3 billion.

By Jakob Sand | 03 September 2018

Why More Money Could Mean Your Mobile Phone’s Battery Will Keep On Sucking

An iPhone X is more than 20 times as powerful as the first model. However, in some ways, it’s almost less mobile than its ancestor. Apple’s battery problems have been making front page news, and led the company to issue what I would categorise as a formal apology.

By Jakob Sand | 13 August 2018

BDO Data Illustrates Why Energy Storage M&A Is Headed For An Explosion

BDO data for M&A in the energy storage space shows growth in activity levels. A closer analysis of the data – and industry - shows several signs that point toward rocket-like accelerating M&A activity in the coming years.

By Jakob Sand | 25 July 2018

BDO Analysis Shows When Driverless Cars Will Arrive – But Does That Matter?

Car companies, ride-hailing services and car industry technology suppliers each have their own prediction for when driverless cars will be ready to take to highways and city streets. I carried out an analysis of the predictions and found that driverless cars will arrive...

By Jakob Sand | 22 June 2018

BDO Analysis: What Is Going On With Robot M&A?

The speed of M&A in the robotics space is increasing, as an ever-growing list of industries implement more and more robots. That is the one-sentence summation of a BDO analysis of robotics M&A data for the last five years. The study reveals a lot more, though.

By Jakob Sand | 22 May 2018

Will Blockchain let you share in the riches of the next LeBron, Woods or Ronaldo?

Imagine that you could have invested in the future earnings of a LeBron James, a Tiger Woods or Cristiano Ronaldo when they were young. This is, essentially, what several start-ups are trying to achieve through blockchain technology.They are offering you the opportunity to...

By Jakob Sand and Andrew Viner | 08 May 2018

Blockchain: Putting Creators Behind The Wheel Of The Creative Industries

If you want to make $100 from people listening to your music, you had better have a lot of friends/fans.Figures from Audiam show that to break three figures on Spotify, you need 150,000 plays by premium subscribers. The road to $100 through the free, ad-supported version of...

By Eitan Yam | 25 April 2018

Centralizing the Decentralized Blockchain Concept

Blockchain technology involves the use of distributed ledgers and smart contracts. The technology has been making headlines for the past year. While partly due to the interest in Bitcoin, the pioneering digital currency, Blockchain’s many use cases creates its own excitement...

By Jakob Sand | 18 April 2018

Three Ways Blockchain Can Remedy Energy’s Emerging Broken Links

As I have previously written about, renewable energy is seeing a boom in technology-related M&A.Part of the reason is that renewable energy creates new challenges for utilities and energy companies. Blockchain technology could potentially remedy these challenges and in the...

By Jakob Sand | 11 April 2018

To ICO Or Not To ICO – That Is The (Tax) Question

Will blockchain and initial coin offerings – or ICOs for short – be so compelling a funding tool that venture capitalists need to start looking for something else to do?On the surface, it sounds like a ridiculous question. The messaging app provider Telegram would likely...

By Jakob Sand | 04 April 2018

BDO and Blockchain – How Blockchain Fits In The Future Of Our Services

BDO is working proactively with blockchain. We are looking at ways of developing new solutions and services, as well as augmenting existing ones, via blockchain and smart contracts. The goal is to add value to our clients’ business processes, drive innovation, boost efficiency...

By Jakob Sand | 08 March 2018

BDO Analysis: Will Amazon’s Alexa Be The One To Control Your Home?

Amazon just put down $1 billion and acquired smart doorbell-maker Ring. That may sound like a lot of money, but should be seen as an investment in developing the online shopping giant’s smart home technology portfolio.  

By Jakob Sand and Andrew Viner | 26 February 2018

What Chinese Companies See When Buying Up European Media

One of the more surprising statistics that I read recently was that the total M&A spend of Chinese companies surpassed their US counterparts for the first time in 2016, reaching a combined $219.3 billion - a staggering amount. A good chunk of that was spent on European targets...

By Jakob Sand | 11 February 2018

Why The Future Of Manufacturing Could Be Green Goo And Microscopic Bots

Technologies like 3D printing and augmented reality are creating a wave of disruption in the manufacturing industry. Further into the future, bio-manufacturing and nanotechnology await, ready to change manufacturing from the ground up.

By Jakob Sand | 05 February 2018

How Tax Can Make Manufacturing Technologies More Affordable

Companies will spend approximately $6 trillion on Internet of Things (IoT) solutions over the next five years. However, lack of knowledge about tax rules and grants that might make investments cheaper and more profitable could hamper the ROI of these investments. The same...

By Jakob Sand and David Yasukochi | 31 January 2018

How The U.S. Tax Reform Will Impact Technology M&A

Technology companies are likely still trying to work out if the long-awaited U.S. tax reform was an early Christmas present or a stocking full of coal. The answer is more of the former than the latter. The same seems to be the case for technology-related M&A. One early...

By Jakob Sand | 29 January 2018

Rise of the Co-bots – the next generation of robots revolutionising manufacturing

Industrial robots are traditionally big and burly - and about as safe to be around as a switchblade knife with a razor blade handle. That is why they are placed in protective cages. Collaborative robots are the opposite. Extensive sensors and limitations on movement speed and...

By Jakob Sand and Rick Schreiber | 22 January 2018

3D Printing Is Going Metal, Bringing Big Opportunities To Manufacturers

 3D printing is set to have seismic implications on manufacturing companies, especially in relation to cross-border trade. Also known as additive manufacturing, 3D printing can lessen labour needs, reducing the need to source parts and goods across borders. If today’s pace of...

By Jakob Sand | 15 January 2018

Is Manufacturing Next In Line For Technology M&A Disruption?

Chinese companies have been busy investing overseas in recent years, spending a record $207 billion on overseas acquisitions in 2016. While 2017 will not reach that high watermark, it will likely still top $150 billion. Many of these deals were – and will be - in the...

By Jakob Sand | 02 January 2018

Five Ways Augmented Reality Is Changing Manufacturing

Augmented Reality (AR) is like a quiet little brother that is about to steal the limelight from its louder, virtual big brother. At least as far as manufacturing is concerned.

By Jakob Sand | 28 November 2017

Why ’Asymmetry’ Is Central To Understand Renewable Energy M&A

Renewable power needs a fridge. That may sound a bit funny, but the reason is that it currently shares similarities with the pre-refrigeration food industry. Namely the issue of storage.

By Jakob Sand | 08 November 2017

Why Largescale Renewable M&A is Dominated by Wind Power

While solar dominates renewable M&A in terms of numbers, wind rules when it comes to largescale deals. That is one of the trends found when looking at data on renewable energy deals in the BDO M&A database.

By Jakob Sand | 01 November 2017

Five reasons why AI, big data and renewables are the perfect M&A storm

During 2017, an M&A trend has gathered momentum. It involves technologies like big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) meeting renewable energy.

By Jakob Sand | 04 October 2017

FDs have a wealth of experience which can add great value to a cybersecurity strategy.

They  approach cybersecurity from a holistic business angle, integrating risk management, ERP, compliance, reporting, valuation and business continuity.

By Jakob Sand | 02 October 2017

Bots And Virtual Assistants Could End Advertising As We Know It

Virtual assistants and chat bots come in many shapes and sizes. Most probably known Amazon’s Alexa or Facebook’s M assistant. The border between chat bots and virtual assistants is sketchy at best. In this article, I use the term virtual assistant (VA) to talk about systems...

By Tony Spillett | 10 September 2017

What does 17 Years Of Tech Track 100 Reveal About UK Tech Companies?

The 2017 Tech Track 100 of private technology companies sets several records. It also highlights how fast-growing technology companies are a driving force in the UK economy.

By Andrew Viner | 06 September 2017

How Outdoor Advertising Is Moving Into The 21st Century

It has taken Ocean Outdoor just five years to become both a leading company in – and a wizened veteran of - digital out of home advertising (OOH). A status achieved due to the industry’s fast pace and constantly evolving possibilities and opportunities.

By Andrew Viner | 04 September 2017

The future has arrived – That Billboard is Looking Back at You

New technology, capable of identifying who is looking, is bringing about a renaissance for out-of-home (OOH) advertising, as the industry shows early signs of an uptake in M&A activity.

By Tony Spillett | 24 July 2017

After Brexit: UK Tech, Telco and Media M&A Shows Immediate Resilience

BDO M&A data for the 12 months that have passed since the Brexit vote may come as surprises to some. For one, deal totals in the technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) sectors shot up in the second half of 2016. Deal totals across domestic and international mergers and...

By Christian Goetz | 19 July 2017

An Australian Look at Risks Facing Telecoms

In connection with the publication of the third annual BDO Telecoms Risk Factor report, I spoke with my colleague and telecoms expert Sebastian Stevens, Partner, Corporate Finance BDO Australia. The conversation covered general risks facing the telecoms industry today, as well...

By Christian Goetz | 17 July 2017

BDO experts: here are the smart telecoms acquisitions from the last 12 months

The publication of BDO’s annual Telecoms Risk Factor report is a good opportunity to look at telecoms’ M&A activity. As mentioned several places in the report, telecoms have been spending big on M&A throughout 2016, as well as in early 2017. Part of the reason is that...

By Christian Goetz | 10 July 2017

Is Big Tech Looking To Steal More Than Half Of Telecoms’ Internet Market?

Big tech companies are taking to the skies, as the market for small satellites keeps growing. Their ventures could revolutionise internet access – but hold potential dangers for telecommunication companies.

By Christian Goetz | 27 June 2017

What is sending Telecoms Industry Risks to DEFCON 2?

Ask any telecommunications company, and they will tell you that the risks potentially affecting their business are growing.

By Andrew Viner | 05 June 2017

Why large consultancies like Accenture will continue to buy Media companies

Not to sound like a doomsayer from a Lord of the Rings-like realm, but there is an M&A war brewing in the digital media and data domain. Large, international consultancies like Accenture have thrown down the gauntlet to media and advertising companies who find themselves under...

By Jakob Sand | 26 May 2017

Why AI Isn’t The Silver Bullet For Your Cybersecurity Systems

The security industry is excited. So is the M&A market. So why isn’t the marriage between cybersecurity and artificial intelligence-systems a match made in heaven, destined to take care of all your security woes?Put simply, because its foundation remains flawed. Something...

By Jakob Sand | 24 May 2017

Five Cybersecurity Questions Help Decide What Your Company Is Worth

Cybersecurity is playing an ever-increasing role in relation to companies’ value. Something BDO cybersecurity and valuation experts know first-hand.

By Jakob Sand | 03 May 2017

Your Changing Shopping Habits Are Creating New Software

The move away from physical stores to online shopping is doing much more than making our lives easier and Amazon-founder Jeff Bezos incredibly rich. It is leading to completely new kinds of software solutions that would never have seen the light of day if we hadn’t started...

By Jakob Sand | 03 April 2017

Here Are The Prices - What Kind Of Driverless Car Subscription Service Do You Want?

The central question about driverless cars has changed from if they are coming to when it will happen.This fact leads to a new question: what are you actually going to pay for using them?

By Jakob Sand | 21 March 2017

What Is Happening To Ad And Marketing Tech M&A In 6 Charts

Looking at advertising and marketing tech M&A data from the BDO M&A database shows that 2016 saw the industry bounce back after a slightly slow 2015. 

By Jakob Sand | 14 March 2017

Second Generation Ad-Tech Switches From ‘Shotgun Method’ to Sniper Rifle

The reason is the AI capabilities and sophistication levels of a new generation of ad tech solutions, which enable advertisers to understand consumer behaviour and target their ads much more efficiently.

By Andrew Viner | 28 February 2017

Is Everyone About To Buy UK Tech, Media and Telecoms Companies?

If I were a journalist, I’d say that UK companies in the technology, media and telecoms industries are going to be selling like hot cakes in the coming months.

By Jakob Sand | 22 February 2017

US Media M&A Will Turn Old, Big Telecom Losers Into Future Winners

In America, telecom companies are moving from yesterday’s losers to tomorrow’s winners thanks to their extremely deep pockets and willingness to buy up companies.

By Andrew Viner | 14 February 2017

BDO Report: Special Relationship At Top Of Media M&A Trends

BDO analysis of M&A data for the media industry shows how 2016 was a bumper year for cross-Atlantic deals involving companies in USA and the United Kingdom.The trend is one of several identified in the latest Media Talk report fromBDO UK. The report offers an in-depth study of...

By Jakob Sand | 01 February 2017

Virtual Reality Is Your Computer – Augmented Reality Is Your Mobile Phone

Two new realities are making headway into the one we have been used to for so long. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) both hold great promise, with market revenue projected to grow rapidly.

By Jakob Sand | 30 January 2017

M&A: Technology’s Bull Run Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down

Data from BDO’s M&A database shows that 2016 was another standout year for the technology sphere, with final figures coming close to 2015’s high watermarks for both number of deals and combined deal value.  

By Jakob Sand | 25 January 2017

While 2017 Belongs to Virtual Reality, the Future Belongs to Augmented Reality

Part of the reason is that AR looks set to overtake VR in terms of market size, and in the medium to long term, it has a much broader potential impact on our lives than VR does.

By Jakob Sand | 16 January 2017

Have You Spoken To Your Computer Lately? You Will Soon!

It Is Time To Say Goodbye To Your Computer Keyboard And Mouse

By Jakob Sand | 09 January 2017

Dollar Shave Club opens door for next $1 billion eCommerce subscription company

The meteoric rise and subsequent billion-dollar acquisition of the subscription-based eCommerce company Dollar Shave Club has sent shockwaves through the commerce industry. It raises the question of who will be the next company to go for the same sum that Unilever paid. At the...

By Jakob Sand | 03 January 2017

Which of these subscription eCommerce companies will be sold off for a billion dollars?

Unilever’s $1 billion acquisition of Dollar Shave Club is a clear example of how attractive M&A targets eCommerce companies using subscription-based business models are.

By Jakob Sand | 08 December 2016

What Tesla’s New Solar Panel Roof Tiles Say About Technology Trends

Tesla recently made the surprise announcement that it had developed new solar panel roof tiles with the solar panels integrated into the tiles themselves

By Jakob Sand | 28 November 2016

Seven Reasons Why Your Local Golf Club is Software Gold

.Seven Reasons Why Your Local Golf Club is Software Gold

By Jakob Sand | 14 November 2016

Meet the anti-Unicorns of the software industry

Some of the biggest, fast-moving tech companies are busy creating solutions and pursuing M&A aimed at carving out their own piece of this trillion-dollar cake.

By Jakob Sand | 31 October 2016

Meet the trends and tech that will drive social media monitoring M&A

Meet the trends and tech that will drive social media monitoring M&A

By Jakob Sand | 24 October 2016

Is social media monitoring ‘growing up’? M&A says yes

Social media monitoring companies (SMM) inhabit a space that is rapidly maturing and moving out of its infancy.

By Jakob Sand | 10 October 2016

I want you! (to help figure out who is online fashion giant Zalando’s next M&A play)

German online fashion retailer Zalando is probably not happy. Luckily, it is rumoured to have around €1 billion to spend on M&A to turn that frown upside down.

By Jakob Sand | 19 September 2016

Will free electricity make you stop caring about your environment?

How would your behaviour change, if the amount of electricity you used had little influence on the size of your bill?

By Jakob Sand | 19 September 2016

Power utilities – the Rolls Royce brand of the 21st century?

The changing landscape of energy production is moving production away from power plants and power utilities. It could relegate the current giants of power production to a future position as a luxury that no one really needs. 

By Jakob Sand | 16 September 2016

Water everywhere – how free power could equal peace and prosperity

Simple facts show the importance of access to clean water – and illustrate some of the positive effects of access to free power.

By Jakob Sand | 12 September 2016

How free power would change agriculture around the world

Free power. Produced right next to your fields. 

By Jakob Sand | 07 September 2016

How our power will become renewable – and (almost) free

If you want a one-line summation of what is happening in the energy industry, here is a good candidate:

By Jakob Sand | 05 September 2016

What are some of the areas that you think will benefit from drastically lower energy prices?

The natural law of business is that change means new challenges and new opportunities.

By Jakob Sand | 05 September 2016

Get ready for the future – free power will change our companies, cities and countries

Many technologies are developing at an exponential pace, changing things around us. While all have great potential, a few could fundamentally change how we, our homes, companies and entire societies function.I have previously written about the far-reaching impact that I...

By Jakob Sand | 04 July 2016

BDO analysis reveals risks facing big technology companies

A new BDO analysis shows what risks face some of the world’s biggest technology companies. Its findings underpin how the companies can use M&A to combat those threats. 

By Christian Goetz | 20 June 2016

BDO Telecommunications Risk Factor Survey 2016 - New data highlights the biggest risks to global telecoms

Around the world, in every market from the Americas to EMEA and Asia-Pacific, global telecoms providers are under pressure. Financial returns in the sector have taken a dip. It’s clear, now more than ever, to stay in the game, the big players have to respond well to rapidly...

By Jakob Sand | 14 June 2016

Did Google and Amazon miss a beat in regards to the ‘keyboard of the future’?

The way we interact with computers, mobile devices and smart devices is about to change dramatically.

By Jakob Sand | 02 June 2016

Industry 4.0: how software, sensors and robots are eating factories and enterprises

On the surface, the term industry 4.0 sounds relatively benign. It sounds like a new upgrade. I find it to be a bit of a misnomer. What it really means is a radical revolution that will affect companies and organisations over the whole world.

By Jakob Sand | 12 May 2016

New messenger bots are a big unknown for social media management and analysis companies

The new, AI-driven bots promise to give users the power to order services like taxis, make purchases and interact with companies directly through messenger applications like WhatsApp, Messenger, Line and Kik.These interactions could prove an invaluable new data source for...

By Jakob Sand | 03 May 2016

How 2016 stacks up against one of last year's M&A megatrends

They included a marked drop in overall M&A activity towards the end of 2015.

By Jakob Sand | 28 April 2016

Top BDO deals reveal trends in industries around the world

With offices in 154 countries and teritories around the world, BDO has a unique position to track developing trends in the technology, media, telecoms and life sciences industries.

By Jakob Sand | 11 April 2016

U.S. Tech companies approach 2016 with multi-edged M&A strategy

A new BDO-report shows how American tech companies plan to use mergers and acquisitions as a primary means to boost market shares, revenue and R&D innovation speed. It could make for an M&A-busy 2016.

By Jakob Sand | 01 April 2016

Renewable sector shows M&A strength while oil prices drop

The steep drop in oil prices does not seem to have had any adverse effect on the levels of M&A in the renewables sector. In fact, a number of subsectors could be set for accelerating M&A activity in 2016 and beyond.

By Jakob Sand | 03 March 2016

What your next water heater might have in common with an ice cube?

The market for phase change materials has been a quietly growing success story. Their many potential uses and advances in the technology behind them point to a likely growth in M&A activity.

By Jakob Sand | 22 February 2016

Guest post: Bitcoin is back from the dead and bigger than ever

I recently wrote about my opinion of how Bitcoin’s future is likely six foot underground. Not so, says Bargain Fox’s Georgi Georgiev in this guest post on the virtual currency’s bright future.

By Jakob Sand | 16 February 2016

Google is sticking with its shotgun approach to m & a

​Like Facebook and Amazon, Google is using its unique data as a springboard into new industries. BDO M & A data shows that it is moving into your home and doctor’s office.

By Jakob Sand | 16 February 2016

Is Amazon looking at taking over your entire shopping experience?

Like Google and Facebook, Amazon is using its data to move into new industries BDO M&A data shows that the company might be taking aim at all parts of your shopping experience, from production to delivery. BDO M&A data shows that the company might be taking aim at all parts of...

By Jakob Sand | 09 February 2016

M & A data shows Google, Facebook and Amazon taking aim at new industries

The giants of the internet are increasingly turning their attention to new business areas, using their unique data and deep pockets as powerful tools to out compete all comers. Exclusive BDO M&A data shows what industries are next on their menu.

By Jakob Sand | 09 February 2016

Facebook wants your virtual reality and aims to shoot down a Silicon Valley darling

Like Amazon and Google, Facebook is using its unique data as a springboard into new industries. BDO M&A data shows it making an early move for the future of virtual reality. Facebook might also be taking aim at slack.

By Jakob Sand | 26 January 2016

Ten reasons why you not should not care about Bitcoin

The virtual Bitcoin currency is in the midst of a media storm, with the real star of the show, the Blockchain technology, flying below the radar. In time, though, it will completely change how we do business.

By Jakob Sand | 11 January 2016

Hot or not - where will companies be spending big M & A money in 2016?

​As 2015 draws to a close, I look at M&A for the year ahead, focusing on sub-industries that are likely to see most activity – and which are likely to slow down.

By Jakob Sand | 17 December 2015

Why Israeli companies are winning the cybersecurity race

Israeli cybersecurity companies are m&a darlings, and deal values are on the rise. Behind the meteoric growth of both the industry and deal figures is a strong national focus on cybersecurity, a unique work force and maturing technological ecosystem.

By Jakob Sand | 09 December 2015

Ten secrets to successfully breaking the US market #6 to #10

Entering the US market is not as easy as you might think. Invisible hurdles can trip up even the best efforts. Here is how you and your company can overcome challenges, avoid mistakes, and make your american adventure a successful one.

By Jakob Sand | 07 December 2015

Ten secrets to successfully breaking the US market #1 to #5

Entering the US market is not as easy as you might think. Invisible hurdles can trip up even the best efforts. Here is how you and your company can overcome challenges, avoid mistakes, and make your american adventure a successful one.

By Jakob Sand | 01 December 2015

Do you actually know how your company is doing?

Benchmarking, KPIs - and sometimes even updated budgets – are often blind spots for start-ups and young companies. They are missing out on implementing perfect tools for managing a business. Using them properly will likely determine how much your company is worth, should you...

By Jakob Sand | 24 November 2015

For start ups and companies everywhere the news you never want to have to use

The risk of failure is part of being a start-up or young company. If things turn out differently than expected, this guide can give you a step-by-step approach to what to do next.

By Jakob Sand | 23 November 2015

How to meet the business surprises awaiting rapid-growth companies and start-ups

Start-ups and companies in the midst of fast growth will be much better prepared for the challenges facing them if planning, developing metrics and early automation of processes are in place from the beginning. This is some of the advice from fast-growth founders and ceos, as...

By Jakob Sand | 13 November 2015

Q3 M&A figures- is the American telecoms industry all consolidated out?

Exclusive BDO M&A data shows less activity in the telecoms sector, which has been overtaken by life sciences in regards to number of deals. Part of the reason could be that American telecoms are running out of things to buy.

By Aftab Jamil | 11 November 2015

Q3 M & A figures – China life science industry stands tall in financial storm

Exclusive deal data shows that the volatile Chinese stock market has not slowed M&A activity in the country’s life science industry, as it seems to be catching up to the frontrunner - USA

By Jakob Sand | 04 November 2015

Move over Fitbit - Wearables 2.0 belongs to big pharma

The market for wearables is growing rapidly. While focus has so far been fitness, the next step will take wearables further into the realm of health tech, with big pharmaceuticals readying an assault on the wearable tech space.

By Jakob Sand | 26 October 2015

The Internet of Things will kill your new valet

Valet-services based on an uber-like business model are popular with vcs and customers. However, they are going to find themselves in the firing line of the internet of things before getting off the ground, as a new breed of smart parking solutions emerge.

By Jakob Sand | 22 October 2015

What direction is fleet management M & A heading in?

As the market for fleet management keeps growing, so too does the pace of m&a in the space. Industry insiders give their take on what is happening, and look to the future of fleet management and related m&a activity.

By Jakob Sand | 14 October 2015

Security and surveillance to look to big data and Internet of Things for growth

Big data and the Internet of Things are driving factors for M&A in the security and surveillance industry, which is moving towards a software-centric approach, as cloud solutions appear on the horizon.

By Jakob Sand | 05 October 2015

Fleet management set to exploit giga-market in golden fourth age

The fleet management industry is evolving its offerings. Big data analytics lies at the heart of moving from a market worth $13 billion today to one worth $50 billion already by 2020.

By Jakob Sand | 29 September 2015

Why are Nordic publishers going on the shotgun M&A offensive?

Nordic publishers have put their m&a activity into fast forward, with a string of recent deals. The acquisitions of everything from traditional media companies to pet product producers could point to the future of publishing. 

By Andrew Viner | 28 September 2015

Media companies using ‘umbrella’ to take full advantage of market developments

More and more media companies are creating or acquiring groups of specialist media. The danish watch media-group is an example of the challenges and opportunities the approach presents.

By Jakob Sand | 24 September 2015

Native Advertising- the popular sleeping media M&A giant?

Native advertising is rising in popularity with both advertisers and media companies. Revenues are forecast to explode, but so far, the space has seen surprisingly little m&a activity.

By Andrew Viner | 22 September 2015

Financial Times puts advertisers and readers on the clock

​The financial times has introduced a new advertising scheme that focuses on viewer time instead of exposure to advertisements. Other media companies are working with similar models. 

By Jakob Sand | 22 September 2015

M & A 2010 - 2015 in Cable Telecoms: The Land of the Mega-Deals

There are four major cable telecoms left in the us. In Europe, there are more than 100. The different landscapes have a profound influence on environments and lead to very different m&a scenarios on either side of the Atlantic.

By Jakob Sand | 17 September 2015

Publishing M&A 2010 - 2015: Nordic shopping spree shows future of publishing?

Nordic publishers are acquiring companies at a quick pace. Their acquisitions show a trend of diversification, which I believe to be emblematic of the industry’s future.

By Jakob Sand | 16 September 2015

M & A 2010 - 2015 in TV Broadcast: A Question of Consolidation versus Cross Border Deals

​The last five years of acquisitions in the broadcast tv sub-industry tell a tale of american consolidation of the home market, while European broadcasters head in a different direction.

By Andrew Viner | 14 September 2015

Why is your newspaper buying online travel agencies?

Media M&A activity is reaching fever pitch as companies look to consolidate their market presence and diversify into related horizontals in order to future-proof their companies. This week, I will take a closer look at some of the industry’s m&a trends, focusing on various sub...

By Jakob Sand | 08 September 2015

Five things the Tech Track 100 league table reveals about the UK tech industry

The latest edition of the authoritative Tech Track list of the 100 fastest growing privately-owned UK tech companies reveals a number of interesting trends for the UK tech industry.

By Jakob Sand | 01 September 2015

Why the financial world will bypass Bitcoin and go straight to Blockchain

​Is BITCOIN and BLOCKCHAIN A case of not being able to have one without the other? Doctor Gideon Greenspan thinks blockchain does just fine on its own. By getting rid of bitcoin, blockchain can reach its full, disruptive potential in the financial sector.

By Jakob Sand | 24 August 2015

Is Fintech v 2.0 aiming straight for the heart of banking?

The emergence of ‘Fintech v 2.0’ will affect all levels of banking, from the customer to the back office. Santander has chosen to create a separate fund that is tasked with finding the best way for the bank to interact with Fintech companies. I spoke to one of the fund’s...

By Jakob Sand | 20 August 2015

The biggest, most influential M & A deals of 2015

From their positions around the world on the frontlines of M&A in technology, media and telecoms, I have asked BDO experts present their picks for the biggest, most influential or potentially disruptive deals we have seen in 2015.

By Jakob Sand | 10 August 2015

M & A figures keep growing with Asia in the dangerous driver's seat

BDO Q2 figures for M&A show that valuations are high, as deal totals keep increasing. The growth is in large part thanks to the Asian market, but there could be trouble brewing for the continent.

By Jakob Sand | 03 August 2015

Three fast growing Japanese technology companies you might not have heard about

A new generation of Japanese technology companies are pursuing a more aggressive approach to growth, taking more risks and potentially reaping very big rewards. Here are three companies who embody the new strategy, and one dark horse, which has the potential to become one of...

By Jakob Sand | 28 July 2015

Japan’s tech industry is changing gears with M&A activity on the rise

While traditional companies are finding new ways to invest, a new generation of entrepreneurs are leading the way, taking more risks and engaging in more m&a activity, both at home and abroad.

By Jakob Sand | 16 July 2015

Analysis: cloud security software m & a exploded in 2014 with 2015 possibly going one better

An analysis of cloud security software M&A activity shows that 2014 was a record year. 2015 is showing similar figures, with deal totals on course to break last year’s record. Many factors indicate that the recent figures are a sign of things to come.

By Jakob Sand | 22 June 2015

Half of all credit and debit card traffic will be on your mobile by 2020

The payments company Nets expects a fifty-fifty situation by the end of the decade, where half of all the payments processed will happen through mobile solutions. The company sees consolidation – partly through M&A - and developing new services as key to long-term success in a...

By Jakob Sand | 17 June 2015

How and why banks are collaborating with the sword that threatens to kill them

M&A activity is on the rise, but the dominant trend for banks is to actively cooperate with the up and coming Fintech companies, who could disrupt banking as we know it.

By Jakob Sand | 08 June 2015

The rise of eSports - why Mario Kart is finding big sponsors and aiming for its own Olympics

While some parts of the gaming industry has slowed, the interest in eSports keeps rising along with the valuations of companies like Twitch, which was bought by Amazon for $970 million. A figure one analyst describes as way under the real value of a company that is going to...

By Jakob Sand | 01 June 2015

Cloud deals are about throwing away people and getting customers

A new BDO analysis of recent cloud deals shows that companies are focusing on finding ways to buy up customers. Deal structures also illustrate how cloud companies are paying out cash in a way that is markedly different from many other parts of the technology industry.

By Jakob Sand | 26 May 2015

How the global technology market is slowing down and speeding up at the same time

A new BDO report highlights how two opposing trends are defining the technology sector. Ipos look to be slowing down, while M&A activity keeps accelerating.

By Jakob Sand | 18 May 2015

Who is next on LinkedIn’s shopping list

LinkedIn looks like it is on a trajectory towards becoming your one-stop shop for all things related to your current and future professional life. What is your take? Who will they buy next in order to get there?

By Jakob Sand | 11 May 2015

Israeli technology companies no longer calling it quits, but looking abroad for IPOs

A growing number of Israeli technology companies head to foreign stock exchanges for IPOs. The move gives access to more funds, but also sends many companies into unknown regulative and competitive territory.

By Jakob Sand | 06 May 2015

Is Tesla Batteries the end of the information age?

Tesla’s unveiling of a the new range of batteries for homes and companies could very well be the missing piece in the switch to renewable energy. It has the potential to create many new industries, and seriously disrupt any number of existing ones.

By Jakob Sand | 05 May 2015

Driverless cars: The online map industry has a golden future

Finding your way from A to B is going to take a lot of data, once driverless vehicles hit the roads. Several companies, including an unlikely candidate from Scandinavia, have already begun creating detailed maps of the world’s roads for exactly this purpose.

By Jakob Sand | 05 May 2015

Driverless vehicles: Parents get rid of worrying and kids drive themselves everywhere?

With driverless vehicles, parents suddenly have a new option that alleviates the stress and anxiety associated with a family’s transport logistics. Children can get to school, sports and their friends’ homes just by using their mobile

By Jakob Sand | 05 May 2015

Driverless cars: What will happen to the insurance industry?

Removing drivers from vehicles drastically changes the equation for insurance companies. The result will be lower premiums, possibly selling car insurance to Google and insuring automated vehicles as if they were human.

By Jakob Sand | 05 May 2015

Driverless vehicles: Why driving is the new smoking

​Driving is going to become about as socially acceptable as lighting up a cigarette in a busy restaurant. Why do it, if it might harm not just your own health, but also the health of others?

By Christian Goetz | 30 April 2015

Three things that will make telecoms companies spend billions of dollars in 2015 and beyond

The need for further consolidation, adding new services to their portfolio and the continuous demolition of traditional industry silos are among the reasons why telecoms companies will be spending a lot of money in coming years.

By Christian Goetz | 29 April 2015

Top 5 risks facing telecoms today: cash, chains, hackers, laws- and other telecoms

In a new international study, BDO experts identify the five biggest risk factors facing telecoms today.

By Jakob Sand | 22 April 2015

Driverless cars: Your gas stations are about to become a thing of the past

In a few, short years’ time, you will no longer drive up to a petrol station. Any investment in the downstream oil industry needs to be based on what to do with the assets once the industry collapses.

By Jakob Sand | 17 April 2015

Driverless vehicles: How car dealers will be forced to sell the weapon that will kill them

​Is being a car dealer about to become as relevant as being a music store that sells nothing but CDs? The short answer is yes, although the industry is likely to see a gold rush before going into death throes.

By Jakob Sand | 15 April 2015

Driverless cars: Do you know how the 50-16 rule will change road maintenance and lower your taxes

Driverless vehicles will mean fewer accidents and improve your commute. They also radically change the business of road repair and maintenance in a way that will lower your overall tax bill.

By Jakob Sand | 13 April 2015

Driverless cars: Shopping - a new sort of self service?

Grocery shopping is about to change because of driverless vehicles. They ask an unanswerable question of you as a consumer: why go to the supermarket, if you can get your car to pick up everything you need?

By Jakob Sand | 10 April 2015

Driverless cars: First casualty taxis - how Uber will use a Netflix approach to make taxis the Blockbuster of transport

​Why would anyone share a taxi with a driver, if you could get a cheaper one all for yourself? Uber points to an imminent future where driverless vehicles will make a regular taxi feel like a vinyl record.

By Jakob Sand | 08 April 2015

Driverless vehicles: What car plan are you on? And who is paying for it?

The disruption caused by driverless vehicles will make the idea of owning your own car old-fashioned. In the future, you will subscribe to various car-plans, the price of which will in part depend on who knows where you are going.

By Jakob Sand | 31 March 2015

Driverless cars series - Google Car will smash straight through your supermarket, petrol station and stock portfolio

Self-driving vehicles will turn the automotive industry on its head. Adjacent industries such as downstream oil are next in line, with supermarkets, insurance and a host of other industries following in quick succession. The disruption caused by the new vehicles will spread...

By Jakob Sand | 31 March 2015

Driverless cars wave goodbye to parking lots

A reason for much of the disruption caused by driverless vehicles is about what happens to them once you are not in them. This spells the end of parking complexes in city centres.

By Jakob Sand | 26 March 2015

Top ten Indian e-commerce companies heading for massive valuations

BookMyShow, BigBasket, FirstCry and HealthKart. Four Indian e-commerce companies you need to know about. They are on the top ten list of companies most likely to see a massive increase in their valuation over the coming year, with some set to join the billion-dollar club.

By Jakob Sand | 25 March 2015

The war for the Indian e-commerce market gathers pace as it outgrows USA

India is undergoing a consumer revolution with shopping going mobile and online. It has some of the biggest venture capitalists and investment funds flocking to the sub-continent in the hope to find the next flipcart or India's Alibaba, and position themselves for the coming...

By Jakob Sand | 16 March 2015

Artificial Intelligence is destroying what you think you know about customers

The application of artificial intelligence and machine learning is revolutionising the world of marketing. Today machines are making autonomous decisions in a matter of milliseconds that influence all parts of your marketing campaigns. At the same time, the new, smart...

By Jakob Sand | 11 March 2015

Meet the companies destroying software suites and system integration as we know it

Cloud connectors and their surrounding ecosystem promises a new, flexible approach to creating best-of-breed software and application solutions for individuals and companies alike. The approach might spell the end of system integration and software suites, as we know them...

By Jakob Sand | 09 March 2015 and Zapier get ready to kill software giants and integrators with LEGO

A new breed of cloud services are threatening to unseat, and maybe even cut down, the giants who currently supply your software and applications, as well as companies who offer system integration. The main weapon is an approach that is reminiscent of the famous lego bricks.

By Jakob Sand | 02 March 2015

How AI decides the price of 80 billion online auctions - a day

AI and machine learning sits at the heart of one company’s decisions on when and how much to bid in up to 80 billion daily auctions. How to make the right decision in every single auction – all involving a single potential customer - depends on calculations made on terabytes...

By Jakob Sand | 16 February 2015

The secrets of digital advertising M&A deals revealed

The world of digital advertising is seeing a lot of merger and acquisition activity. BDO is continuously working within the field and has helped many of the deals become a success. Here, we lift the lid on the details of current trends and deal structures.

By Jakob Sand | 16 February 2015

Five skills and competences can triple the value of digital advertising agencies

Digital advertising agencies are hot stuff in an m&a context. Here are five core skills and competences that can seriously increase the valuation of your digital advertising agency.

By Jakob Sand | 09 February 2015

The war for your company’s content has begun

In today’s corporate world, content is king, and there are many companies fighting to supply you with the tools to manage, curate and create it. Enterprise content management (ECM) and content management systems (CMS) are on the rise, with the recent merger between Episerver...

By Christian Goetz | 02 February 2015

Are telecoms shooting down Skype and Viber with new LTE technology

The new voice over lte technology promises a host of technological advances that will help telecoms deliver new and better services to their customers. It also looks like the perfect weapon to deal with the ever-rising threat of the likes of Skype and Viber.

By Jakob Sand | 26 January 2015

The 2015 crystal ball - the BDO TMT team predicts what technologies and companies will dominate 2015

Together with a BDO team of experts, I have looked into the crystal ball – as well as used our collective expertise and the exclusive data available to BDO - and together we are ready to make our predictions for 2015.

By Jakob Sand | 21 January 2015

Lessons learned from the global TMT market in Q4 tech and asian telecoms on the rise and still no internet of things

BDO have compiled the figures for deals made in the technology, media and telecoms (TMT) sectors in the last quarter of 2014, and they show a number of interesting trends.

By Christian Goetz | 12 January 2015

British Telecom's all-in on 'quad play' shakes up entire UK telecoms industry with more m&as to come

There can be little doubt about how valuable British Telecom (BT) sees quad play, where telecoms offer TV, broadband plus landline and mobile phones in a bundle. The company has essentially just fired the starting gun on what is likely to be a very busy 2015 for the UK...

By Jakob Sand | 12 December 2014

Four things your company needs to know about Bitcoins and tax

Bitcoin presents companies with opportunities to become more efficient, lower their transactions costs and attract new customers and clients.

By Jakob Sand | 09 December 2014

Facebook @ Work arrives at crossroads for enterprise collaboration M&As

​‘Rollercoaster ride’. These two words have, at least in part, defined mergers and acquisitions in the enterprise collaboration industry, where Facebook’s Facebook @ Work is set to arrive in January 2015.

By Jakob Sand | 02 December 2014

Microsoft aims to make the Internet of Things into the Microsoft of Things

Microsoft recently announced that it is making the most of the .Net framework open source and making it available across platforms, including Linux and Apple’s Mac OS. The move is an indication of a strategy that aims to plant the Microsoft flag squarely at the centre of the...

By Jakob Sand | 21 November 2014

USA vs Europe: Cable, telecoms and bandwidth is a tale of two continents

Telecoms companies in Europe and USA are seeing new technologies dramatically change the valuation of assets like cable rights, infrastructure and spectrum bandwidth. Some of the developments point in opposite directions, but in both places they lead to changing valuations of...

By Jakob Sand | 17 November 2014


​Ease of use and user empowerment will be key drivers for growth in the business software market in the years to come, says one of the most active private equity firms in the global software market, Accel-KKR.

By Jakob Sand | 07 November 2014

Interview with top 3D printing CEO: How 3D printing will change manufacturing

We interviewed the CEO at one of the world’s most dominant 3D printing companies: Avi Reichental of 3D Systems.He navigates in a highly dynamic market. Innovation and startup activity is growing at amazing speed, and major tech companies – such as HP and Autodesk – will now...

By Jakob Sand | 06 November 2014

Major tech companies will now enter the 3D printing market

Giants like HP and Epson are about to enter the 3D printing market. Mass adoption lies just a few years ahead, and 2D printing companies as well as software leaders want to be part of the coming revolution.

By Jakob Sand | 05 November 2014

Acquisitions in 3D printing are booming

M&A activity in the 3D printing market is at an all-time high in 2014. The demand for innovation and 3D printers is growing quickly, forcing market leaders to acquire innovation in order to stay dominant.

By Jakob Sand | 20 October 2014

What investors should know about Bitcoin

Since 2012, investments in bitcoin related startups have skyrocketed. However, the future value of bitcoin technology is highly uncertain due to new regulations underway.

By Jakob Sand | 14 October 2014

There may be a bubble in the tech sector

A series of tech companies have been valued far too high lately. The good news is that the bubble effect only shows in certain pockets of the sector – particularly social media. The tech sector in general is healthy.

By Jakob Sand | 06 October 2014

Toward the tipping point for mobile payment adoption

While Apple Pay is now set to carry NFC payments forward in the US, tech giants and thousands of start-ups are already revolutionizing the way we pay. Intense M&A activity lies ahead as major companies will need to buy innovative technologies in order to win consumers and...

By Jakob Sand | 29 September 2014

Mojang - the perfect storm behind a $2.5 billion gaming deal

The indie gaming market has never been more lucrative, as clearly shown by Microsoft’s recent acquisition of mojang for $2.5 billion. Let’s break down the driving forces behind it and tell you why the next big deal may be unity technologies.