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By Eugenio García | 08 March 2017

Urban Land Tax declared partially unconstitutional by Spanish courts

The Spanish Constitutional Court (hereinafter, “the Court”) issued a Judgment on 16 February 2017 in which it declared the tax commonly known as “plusvalía municipal” as partially in breach with Article 31.1 of the Spanish Constitution.The Urban land value increase tax (“ULVIT...

By Ian Shapiro | 13 February 2017

PropTech - is 2017 the year things change for the property industry?

2017 is set to be the year the floodgates open for PropTech in the global REC sector, and we’ve looked at some key technologies you should be keeping an eye on in the industry this year.

By Russell Field | 21 December 2016

2017 Predictions for the international real estate market

With the new year fast approaching, BDO’s international real estate team have been considering the worldwide real estate market.  We’ve drawn together the significant trends from some of BDO’s key geographical markets that our partners think are likely to carry into 2017.

By Sebastian Stevens | 14 December 2016

Traditional REITs are back on top in Australia

Australian Real Estate Investment Trusts (A-REITs) delivered another strong performance in the 2016 financial year, with ‘traditional’ commercial property trusts returning the top 10 in the annual BDO A-REIT Survey.The survey now in its 22nd year, ranks the S&P/ASX 200 A-REIT...

By Arjan Endhoven | 17 November 2016

The Silver Lining: The impact of an ageing population on the global property market

Better nutrition, economic well-being, sanitation and healthcare have meant that we are living longer than ever before. In many places, the ageing population has highlighted issues of independence, or perhaps more correctly, dependency. These issues are illustrated by trends...

By ANNA SIMMONS | 27 October 2016

BDO Spain create a specialist Real Estate advisory unit with the addition of two experts from Knight Frank

BDO Spain have created a specialist Real Estate advisory unit with the addition of two experts from Knight Frank. Alberto Prieto leads the new division and José Manuel Sánchez will develop the property analysis and valuations department.

By ANNA SIMMONS | 07 October 2016

BDO Real Estate at EXPOReal 2016

An overview of our time at EXPOReal 2016, and a look at our bavarian themed event at the Munchen Hofbrau Haus on October 5th.

By Gerard Rahman | 29 September 2016

Real Estate to the rescue! Less reliance on oil is stimulating investment in to Middle Eastern Real Estate

Find out how a less oil reliant, diverse economy in the gulf states and middle east is helping to stimulate investment in Real Estate and new developments. By diversifying the middle eastern economy away from oil, we have seen investment in community buildings such as race...

By Wayne Basford | 31 August 2016

New IFRS standards 9, 15 and 16 set construction and real estate accountancy teams their greatest challenge in decades

Accounting for revenue in the real estate, property and construction industries involves many unique challenges - from dealing with complex bundles of interrelated goods and services, to vendor guarantees and financing. But recent activity by the IASB has put yet more...

By Russell Field | 24 June 2016

UK vote to leave the EU in a historic referendum. What does this mean for Real Estate investments?

The world’s eyes are on the UK following a monumental vote to Leave the EU in June 23 referendum