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By Andrew Crossman | 15 August 2018

Taxing UK property gains of non-residents

The UK has one of the most complex tax codes in the world, clocking in at more than 10 million words. Earlier this month, draft legislation for capital gains tax for non-residents on UK property was published - adding at least another... Read More

By Alexandre Amper | 31 May 2018

With Brexit looming, can the Swiss model provide answers for the Real Estate & Construction sector?

Despite the prolonged uncertainty surrounding post-Brexit arrangements, investment in the real estate and construction industry has not stalled, with only 14% of the UK businesses in the sector putting their investment on hold. Read More

By Tzipora Shore | 14 March 2018

Bond Issuance in Israel

Raising capital is becoming increasingly difficult as interest rates and property prices rise quicker than wages. In the corporate world, investors are looking for new ways to raise the capital required for their investments. Enter... Read More

By Russell Field | 07 March 2018

A global REIT regime to encourage long-term growth

Increasingly, REITs are viewed as the global standard for investors seeking exposure to property as an asset class. But, worldwide, REITs regimes differ; BDO Global conducted a survey of 35 companies from across the globe to find out how... Read More

By Russell Field | 27 December 2017

What is facing the global real estate market in 2018?

Globally, real estate markets are being impacted by numerous different social and economic influences – from housing crises in the UK and in the Netherlands to political activity in the US. The result is real estate markets that... Read More

By Wayne Basford | 30 August 2017

A train crash is imminent as global Real Estate & Construction accountancy teams continue to ignore the IFRS 15, 9 and 16 ‘triple whammy’

This time last year, BDO Global posted a blog entitled ‘New IFRS standards 9, 15 and 16 set construction and real estate accountancy teams their greatest challenge in decades’. One year on, we now ask, how have RE&C... Read More

By Sebastian Stevens | 07 August 2017

M&A Horizons - Business Pragmatism Trumps Political Uncertainty

Each quarter BDO’s Mergers & Acquisitions team analyses global deal activity across a number of regions and selected sectors around the world; we offer you a satellite view of how the M&A market is evolving - and where it... Read More

By Sebastian Stevens | 20 June 2017

Sustainability in real estate: is it easy to be green?

With flooding on the rise in the UK and Europe, and Trump’s recent decision to back out of the Paris Accord (a decision that was swiftly followed by massive floods in the state of Missouri), the battle against climate change is... Read More

By Ophir Zilbiger | 08 May 2017

It's time for the Real Estate & Construction sector to wake up to cyber risk!

In 2016 cybercrime cost the global economy over $450 billion; over two billion personal records were stolen and, in the US alone, more than 100 million people had their medical records stolen.Thanks to attacks like this, cyber security... Read More

By Nidhi Seksaria | 27 March 2017

What's trending in Real Estate? Spotlight on India

Each quarter, BDO USA spotlight real estate industry trends and happenings in key international markets. For Spring, we spoke with Nidhi Seksaria, BDO India’s Real Estate & Construction leader. India is on the brink... Read More