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EONIA/€STR – The Discounting Switch – a minor delay due to Covid-19

As part of the global benchmark reform the central objective of which is to make interest rate indices more robust, the ECB set the transition spread from EONIA to the new overnight rate €STR at 8½ bp back in October 2019... Read More

By Michael Hammer | BDO Austria | 17 February 2020

My advice on cash compensations in the IBOR transition

The new year brings with it new phases in the transition out of IBOR (InterBank Offered Rates). And the momentum is increasing. In 2020, there will be significant milestones in the transition, and for the first time, cash will begin to... Read More

By Michael Hammer | BDO Austria | 14 October 2019

Now that €STR is here, what will happen to posted collateral?

Less than two weeks ago, the European Central Bank (ECB) published the euro short-term rate (€STR) for the first time. This marked a milestone for the ECB in the transition efforts on IBOR reform. Since the introduction of the euro,... Read More