By Sam Khoury | BDO Canada | 17 January 2019

How fintechs can turn their IT security into a USP

Watching how fintechs and established financial services companies come together is a bit like watching a romantic comedy.There always seems to be some big mismatch between the two partners that may seem inconsequential but is actually... Read More

By Martin Geisler | BDO Germany | 04 January 2019

Location, location, location: What Germany is getting right in supporting its fintechs

In a networked economy, the German model of building strong economic infrastructure in each federal state, instead of centralizing institutions in one city, like Paris or London, is proving to be very valuable. Today, we can see the... Read More

By David Devereux | BDO Ireland | 12 December 2018

Headed to Ireland? What small and mid-sized financial services companies need to consider

As financial services companies look for a new home in Ireland in the midst of a potential Brexit, they must consider a myriad of issues as they go through the formal application process with the Central Bank and prepare to make the move... Read More

Liechtenstein and blockchain: A marriage made in heaven?

Often people ask me how much money they need to set up a fund in Liechtenstein. Indeed doing so is quite a popular move for asset managers and family offices. The regulatory minimum is low compared to other countries: 1.25 million euros.... Read More

How banks can gain experience with cryptocurrencies without taking too much risk

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies grab headlines on a regular basis, but those headlines are not always the type that investors and banks want to read. Sometimes they’re about phenomenal gains in the currencies’ values, like... Read More

By Afsar A. Ebrahim | BDO Mauritius | 04 September 2018

Banking on Mauritius: Why I see potential in my home country

When I’m travelling in Europe or the US and tell people I am based in Mauritius, they often ask if I wear flip flops and a tie to work each day. I’m used to these types of quips – I’ve been working here since... Read More

Three must-have features for dashboard monitoring of fair lending

Fair lending in the US is governed by the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. Both are designed to protect consumers from unfair and discriminatory practices. The penalties for breaking the law and harming consumers... Read More

This Brexit Mess: What is keeping me up at night

As a parent and a business owner (a partner at BDO, based in London), I have both personal and professional concerns about Brexit.Personally, I am worried about how Brexit will impact my children’s educations and the opportunities... Read More

No Reason to Wait Until 2020 - Get CECL Started Now

In June 2016, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued a new accounting standard to replace the “incurred loss” impairment methodology with the Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) model, marking a significant... Read More

Tale of a client: Making pay-per-use possible for leasing companies and manufacturers

 My colleagues at BDO Financial Services have been blogging quite a lot in the last weeks and months.Now, I’m pleased to say it’s my turn to have a chat with our readers. In this article, I have decided to take a... Read More