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By | 01 March 2021

How Fintech Companies Can Get the Best From Private Equity Investment

For Fintechs looking to secure external funding through Private Equity Investment in today’s COVID-19 environment, we walk through the steps and considerations needed to harness your investment for transformative growth.

By Gebhard Zemke | BDO Germany and Anne-Kathrin Ahsbahs | BDO Germany | 04 December 2020

Sustainable Finance in Risk Management - Banks should take the lead on sustainable finance

Climate protection and sustainable business practices have risen significantly on the agenda of bank boards. This partly has to do with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has become all too readily apparent just how rapidly - and with previously unimaginable force...

By Matthias Hille | BDO Germany | 14 August 2020

EONIA/€STR – The Discounting Switch – a minor delay due to Covid-19

As part of the global benchmark reform the central objective of which is to make interest rate indices more robust, the ECB set the transition spread from EONIA to the new overnight rate €STR at 8½ bp back in October 2019. The working group on euro-risk-free rates encourages...

By Mark Spencer | BDO United Kingdom | 14 April 2020

Estimating COVID-19 impact for smaller banks, insurers and investment houses

Accountants have been debating whether coronavirus will be seen as an adjusting event for financial statements closing on 31 December 2019 or whether it will be seen as one that impacts 2020 financial year-ends and onwards. The consensus it is that it will very largely be seen...

By Mark Spencer | BDO United Kingdom | 01 April 2020

We need to think slowly during the coronavirus crisis

Day by day, individuals, companies and governments are assessing the impact of the coronavirus on public health and the global and national economies. Very little is certain except that it is having a wide-ranging impact and will affect 2020 reporting periods and onward in...

By Michael Hammer | BDO Austria | 17 February 2020

My advice on cash compensations in the IBOR transition

The new year brings with it new phases in the transition out of IBOR (InterBank Offered Rates). And the momentum is increasing. In 2020, there will be significant milestones in the transition, and for the first time, cash will begin to change hands.The cash compensations will...

By Marnus Fourie | BDO South Africa | 06 February 2020

Calling all insurance fintechs: South Africa has hung out a welcome sign for micro-insurers

Banking via cell phone has spread faster than most people thought possible. It is Africa’s latest success story, with companies like Kenya’s M-Pesa at the forefront of technology evolution with a user base of more than 37 million.In South Africa, the regulator – promoted by...

By Pablo Flores Cejudo | BDO Netherlands | 27 January 2020

Three technologies for managing the next steps in your IBOR transition

I have seen quite a few firms advertising their support for companies during the IBOR transition using buzzwords like artificial intelligence and machine learning. They seem to say that these technologies can ease the pain and suffering of companies that need to change to a...

By Mark Spencer | BDO United Kingdom | 15 November 2019

Headaches about your LIBOR-based contracts? Try this

I recently saw a headline in the Financial Times that said some big banks think that shifting out of LIBOR may cost more than Brexit. I am sure that headline caused a collective gasp in some corners of the United Kingdom.It is hard to say which one of these monumental changes...

By Ernest de Lachica | BDO United States | 11 November 2019

Getting valuations right for the IBOR transition

I’m a fan of James Bond films and can think of at least three films that included scenes on a train. There’s something high-stakes and action-filled about trains on the move.I see some parallels between moving trains and the transition away from Inter-Bank Overnight Rates...