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By Sudip Chatterjee | BDO United States of America and Anthony Ruda | BDO United States of America | 16 August 2018

Three must-have features for dashboard monitoring of fair lending

Fair lending in the US is governed by the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. Both are designed to protect consumers from unfair and discriminatory practices. The penalties for breaking the law and harming consumers are extremely high.

By Vanessa-Jayne Bradley | BDO United Kingdom | 04 July 2018

This Brexit Mess: What is keeping me up at night

As a parent and a business owner (a partner at BDO, based in London), I have both personal and professional concerns about Brexit.Personally, I am worried about how Brexit will impact my children’s educations and the opportunities they will have – or not – down the road...

By Sudip Chatterjee | BDO United States of America and Matthew Goldberg | BDO United States of America | 12 June 2018

No Reason to Wait Until 2020 - Get CECL Started Now

In June 2016, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued a new accounting standard to replace the “incurred loss” impairment methodology with the Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) model, marking a significant shift in the way credit losses on many financial...

By Michael Mette | BDO Germany | 28 May 2018

Tale of a client: Making pay-per-use possible for leasing companies and manufacturers

 My colleagues at BDO Financial Services have been blogging quite a lot in the last weeks and months.Now, I’m pleased to say it’s my turn to have a chat with our readers. In this article, I have decided to take a somewhat unconventional approach to the blog and tell the story...

By Markus Brinkmann | BDO Germany | 09 May 2018

Before you buy - Why it is critical to conduct due diligence on the compliance function of target companies

Companies in the middle of an M&A deal obviously know the importance of doing their due diligence: Without it, and without the target company meeting the requirements, there won’t be any deal at all, or the price will change.

By Dario Magagna | BDO Switzerland | 10 April 2018

Mid-sized banks face web of regulatory complexity - 3 tips from my practice

Since the financial crisis of 2008, banks have faced increasing regulatory scrutiny and a growing number of rules to follow. For many mid-sized banks, regulatory compliance is a costly and complex web to manage.Enter reg-tech, a range of IT technologies and solutions that...

By Alina Ley | BDO Germany | 22 March 2018

Three interesting business ideas that combine artificial intelligence and blockchain

Ever since I began working on my master’s thesis about the success factors of cryptocurrencies, I’ve been fascinated by blockchain technology.  For me, it’s clear that blockchain will be a real game-changer. This is one reason I write regularly for a German-language online...

By Matthew Goldberg | BDO United States of America | 15 March 2018

Curbing human bias in investment valuation

Five years ago, it was not uncommon to hear about investment managers not having a customized valuation policy to go along with their investment policy statements.Thankfully, this is not the case so often anymore: Nowadays, most asset managers have a framework describing how...

By Jörg Auf der Maur | BDO Switzerland | 01 March 2018

It is not all about billable hours

When I came back to the accounting industry three years ago, I was surprised to find that middle management had little experience or training in managing people. Everyone focused on crunching numbers and getting their own work done, and leading others was not always seen as a...

By Nils Brandt | BDO Germany | 16 February 2018

At the front lines of the fight against money-laundering in Germany: Financial institutions are asked to do the detail work

In 2016, Germany received 40 percent more reports of suspected money laundering than the year before, the highest increase in 15 years, according to officials. The newly established Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), which is now handling investigations of suspected money...