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As the world gradually emerges from the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, many firms within our profession are starting to look beyond the initial impact of the coronavirus and to focus on recovery and on building resilience.

There is no doubt that the impact has been severe across the world and across all industry sectors, including the accounting profession, and the financial repercussions for many businesses will be significant. In the resulting ever-more competitive market, firms providing professional services must take strategic decisions today to survive and thrive into the future.

BDO remains prepared for consolidation, for the new challenges it brings – as well as the opportunities. Our long-term planning has seen BDO invest in global infrastructure, technology and talent. We believe that we are in the best possible position to thrive and to continue to lead within our profession in delivering exceptional service to our clients.

Joining BDO means becoming part of a global organisation with solid financial foundations, real ambition, entrepreneurial spirit and a clear strategy for growth. Our ambition is to grow our organisation, both organically and through mergers with high-performing firms that share our ambition.

Find out more in the 2020 edition of ACCELERATING GROWTH. You can also complete the contact form below to connect directly with BDO.

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