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About our Global CEO


In BDO’s inaugural global podcast, Keith Farlinger, BDO’s global CEO, talks about the importance of Purpose, Leadership, Engagement, the Power of teamwork, Connectivity, Collaboration and Strategy

Exec summary: In conversation with Eleisha Stevens of InspireWorx, Keith discusses what has made him the leader he is today: how important it is to grow a culture that values everyone in the organisation, and how he places a strong emphasis on engagement.  With the current crisis top of mind, he addresses the challenges all businesses are facing and how BDO’s purpose is helping firms worldwide. People helping people achieve their dreams is the global organisation’s WHY (purpose) and it has created strong collaboration globally and exceptional commitment from all BDO people.  Keith shows us that he is not just a business leader, he is also a family man – with biking as an essential part of his life, and that of his family.  In the same way as you need tenacity to climb that one mountain top - as well as support from your peers – Keith applies lessons from cycling to reaching his leadership goals.  For Keith, effective leadership is about setting the right tone and an inclusive culture: it is about reaching out to people and speaking to what matters to them, so that they feel engaged to deliver the exceptional client service that BDO is known for.